How to shift into a new identity

How to shift your old self into a new identity! 

We identify ourselves to old versions of us that no longer serve us. Its so sad that so many of us end up living all our lives from an identity that is no longer needed…and that was created very long ago since our childhood…

If we identify ourselves as not being worthy of love, we will attract partners that treat us to feel not worthy of love. We also act from a place of not being worthy which attracts to us the love partners that will make that belief about ourselves, even stronger.

If we identify ourselves as someone whom is not good with money, we will take decisions that are not good for our financial situation. This will bring forth more situations that will make us feel not good when it comes to dealing with money.

If you identity yourself as a smoker, you will have trouble getting rid of the habit of smoking! 

And this goes for any area of your life, it could be the way you eat, the way you sabotage yourself, it’s all related to the identity you have about yourself. We always try to keep that identity true for ourselves so that our ego doesn’t panic for losing control! 

This continuous loop of identifying ourselves to a certain identity, taking actions from that place and continuing having the same results make the belief around that identity stronger with years making our life proof that our belief around whom we thaught we were was indeed true!

Nothing can be more false.

We become whom we want to become and if our intention is to become a new self, we have the power within us to make it reality.

You just need to know how and also realize that you can not become a new you if you continue holding on to the identity you have created for yourself. The key is to imprint that new identity on your subconscious mind that is influencing 95% of your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Here are easy processes to doing that:

1.      Be grateful for the old you that helped you survive whenever you needed to survive. She is the one to whom you owe being alive today and still continuing on your path in spite of all the hard things you went through. Be at peace that dying to your old self doesn’t mean that you are losing something. Choose the perspective that by letting her go, you are opening yourself to gain something instead of losing something. By realizing that you are opening new doors and opportunities for you when letting the old version of you go, you’ll be able to let her go more easily.

2.      Imprint your new identity in your subconscious mind by implementing most of these practices if you can (the more, the merrier):

  • Each day, as soon as you wake up, say affirmations in your mind that speak about the new identity you want to create, example: I am a woman that manages well her money
  • Remove from your environment anything that reminds you of your old self and makes you feel stuck in the old self (example: get rid of that old bag that reminds you that you were so broke in the past and get a new one if you can)
  • Remove from your environment anything that will not help your new habits example: playstation if you want to be more productive if your playstation keeps you stuck in your old habits
  • Do a Youtube meditation that puts you in a very relaxed state and create new beliefs and a new identity in your mind to imprint them in your subconscious mind to make a powerful shift of identity, during which you say things to yourself that are part of that new identity you wish for yourself. You can say affirmations and simply talk to yourself to tell yourself a new story: the new you that is taking charge!
  • When in doubt about how the new you would think, feel and behave, ask your inner Queen for advice (your Queen archetype always has the right answer!)

3.     Continue observing the new you that is thinking, feeling and acting differently and remind yourself each day whom you have become to make that new identity take roots even more!

Any questions? Share them below! 

Happy shifting!  

Bianca aka Mystical Queen Goddess

TOP 3 TOOLS you can use to release energetical blockages and transform limiting beliefs in order to manifest what you want (for spiritual women)

TOP 3 TOOLS you can use to release energetical blockages and transform limiting beliefs and get much closer to attracting better experiences and more ABUNDANCE in your life AT ALL LEVELS! (for spiritual women)

 Are you ready to transform your life? Then read the following! Why is the following important? Because without doing the necessary work to release your emotional blockages, transforming your limiting beliefs and raising your frequency, you will forever stay STUCK and UNHAPPY.
The more you heal and release emotional blockages, the more your energetical frequency rises up and the closer you will get to attracting your true love soulmat, more money, more inner peace and self-confidence. 
In a recent FB Live I did, a lady in my group commented that she can not heal because she IS BROKEN 😌, which made me think that other women out there and maybe even yourself might think this to be true about yourself because of your difficult past, that you are BROKEN in some type of way or form and there is no hope for you, which is completely not true!
You are not a lamp, not a wood table, not a glass that can be broken, you are an energetical being and energy can not be destroyed but only transformed 🌟💫.
So if you want to heighten your energetical frequency, here are my top 3 tools you can use to release energetical blockages and limiting beliefs and get much closer to attracting better experiences and more ABUNDANCE in your life.
TOOL NUMBER 1: – Identify a current trigger in your life. It can be a negative belief about yourself (I am broken, I am not enough, Something is wrong with me) or something that someone did to you and pissed you off. Practical exercise: Take a piece of paper and a pen or pencil 📝, and jot down everything that comes up without judging anything what you are writing. Don’t try to analyze or understand and shut down your mental just for a moment and TRUST THAT WHATEVER COMES OUT ON THAT PAPER IS OK. You don’t need to judge it, to analyze it, to understand it, to make it valid or not. Trust yourself because the more you let your mental mind control your emotional mind, the more you will stay energetically blocked and tour energetical frequency will stay the same, therefore manifest the same S?*T IN YOUR LIFE. By writing down anything that you think or feel and expressing everything WITHOUT CENSORING YOURSELF, you will release emotional blockages and also identify current limiting beliefs that you might have underneath the ones that you are already aware of. These limiting beliefs are key for the next tool number 2 that will bring your transformation process further.
TOOL NUMBER 2: – Once you have identified the limiting beliefs in Tool number 1, it is time for you to transform these beliefs 🎉! Practical exercise: Take a piece of paper and draw a table with two columns. In the 1st column to the left, write down your limiting negative beliefs (example: I am not worthy of love, I am not valuable, I am weird), and in the right column, write down new positive beliefs that you want to have (I am worthy of love, I love myself first, I am valuable, I am ok as I am, I accept myself fully). Try to memorize these new positive beliefs and AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP and WHEN YOU ARE JUST FALLING ASLEEP (BEST TIME TO REPROGRAM YOUR MIND), repeat these beliefs in your head for at least 30 days. Slowly but surely, your unconscious will buy into these new beliefs and your life will start to transform to reflect your NEW POSITIVE BELIEFS. SO WITHIN, SO WITHOUT! So within, so without means that your inner beliefs and thoughts manifest themselves in your outer reality. In order to transform your life 👑🥰, you need to transform yourself internally first! (Personal note: I will tattoo myself this sentence (so within, so without!), this is how much I believe it is true for anybody that wants to learn how to manifest more abundance in their life!). This is an UNIVERSAL TRUTH and when you have understood this, you have made A MAJOR LEAP IN YOUR LIFE!
TOOL NUMBER 3 – Choose your feelings consciously to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION. If you are feeling anger, sadness, frustration, sorrow, grief, resentment, envy, jealousy, these are very low vibrational emotions that will keep you stuck in manifesting difficult situations OVER AND OVER AGAIN. If you feel stuck and unhappy and can’t manage to MANIFEST WHAT YOU REALLY WANT in your life, this is a powerful tool to GET UNSTUCK! Practical exercise: Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, imagine putting all your difficult emotions in a box and giving it away to the universe to transmute it into light and give thanks. Have the intention to heal and feel GRATITUDE for your healing! Your intention is a very powerful tool as well! You will feel instant relief and lighter than before, continue giving your heavy vibrational emotions for transmutation into light, until you feel that there is a empty space for new higher vibrational emotions to fill in that space that you have cleaned out: practice feeling more PEACE, LOVE, GRATITUDE and FAITH that anything you need will show up for you when you need it.
EXTRA TOOL NUMBER 4: MIND YOUR WORDS! Don’t speak negative words or affirmations into existence. Your words are very powerful! Be also aware of contradictions that might come out of your mouth like: I want more money, but I am broke! I want to meet someone that loves me but I am unlovable! It will cancel away all your positive intention because your words are like speaking a new reality into your existence.
If you practice all these 4 tools in the next months seriously, I guarantee this will change your life and you will start attracting better experiences and more abundance in your life, BUT YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK. Do not stay in a VICTIM MENTALITY and do the necessary work to take yourself outside of your current reality and manifest the best reality for yourself 👑 !
Ask me any questions you might have below. 💜
Mystical Queen Goddess
Counselling therapist, spiritual guide and creator of the Transformation 360 method.
Because your Inner Queen wants you to experience abundance at all levels!