Childhood neglect and its impact on your adult life

Today, I wanted to talk to you about invisible-to-the-eye childhood neglect and how you might still be affected by it without you even knowing it….
Neglect comes in many ways you know… It can be physical, emotional, affection-wise…
Neglect is not only related to what the eye can see but also to what the eye can’t see….
If you needed affection in your childhood but you were given crumbs, if you needed to be cuddled but you were pushed away, if you needed someone to listen to you but you were not heard or listened to, if you were emotional and you were judged for it, all of this is neglect! 
All of these types of neglect will have a big impact on your mindset because a child needs to make reason of why she is judged, rejected, critiqued or pushed away when it comes to her own needs. By mindset I mean the way you think about yourself and the worlds that surrounds you.
In order to survive, a child will often put the fault on herself because how can she feel safe if she realizes that her parents are limited in the way they are taking care of her? Not trying to fault the parents, they are often doing their best even if the best is sometimes not enough.
In some situations, how can a child survive realizing that her parents love her with conditions or that they are not fit to be parents?
By consequence, the child will buy beliefs about herself that she is not enough, that there is something wrong with her, that she is not important and that her feelings and needs are not important. Is that you?
She will eventually shut off parts of herself and only let people see what she thinks is acceptable.
She will internalize that she is safe and accepted only when she shows sides of herself that are acceptable and do not bear the risk of being judged.
Neglect will have an impact at various levels, here are some of them, do you relate?
1. Hiding parts of yourself to the world takes energy and you will often feel lethargic or have low energy.
2. You don’t feel free, you feel that you have to wear a mask. By wearing a mask, you feel safe and accepted.
3. You are not able to use your full potential in order to succeed in your life. You only have access to a few of the facets of your inner diamond and are not able to shine fully or use all of your talents and gifts. 
4. You haven’t learned to give importance to your needs. You have learned to put others first and you will often end up being resentful when others are not doing the same for you.
5. You haven’t learned to deal with your emotions, often resulting in you using food, alcohol, drugs or other addictive behaviors in order to numb and cope with your pain.
6. As a result of having shut off your feelings because there was no safe place for you to express them, you will have trapped emotions in your body. You can have anger, sadness, guilt, shame, resentment, humiliation, and all of these low vibrational emotions will keep your vibration low. A low vibration will attract to you situations and people that vibrate at the same level, which means that you will be stuck at attracting to you the same difficult experiences over and over again.
7. You feel trapped, stuck and frustrated that you can’t seem to attract to you what you really want because you keep experiencing the same situation over and over.
8. You will experience relationships where you will feel exactly like in your childhood: not important, not valued, nor loved unconditionally.
9. You will have limiting and negative beliefs about you that will keep you stuck in sabotaging behaviors and patterns that don’t bring you the happiness that you are desperately looking for.
10. You don’t feel worthy of receiving because you have learned that your needs are not important. Therefore, any attempt by others to give you something (be it a gift or love or attention) will be brushed off and rejected or replaced with you offering them something in return because you don’t feel worthy of receiving.
11. You have trouble being seen vulnerable, so you hide your true self behind a mask of being ok with almost everything. 
I am curious if this article speaks to you and if yes, you can let me know or ask me any questions! 
Mystical Queen Goddess
Counselling therapist, spiritual guide and creator of the Transformation 360 method.
Because your Inner Queen wants you to experience abundance at all levels!

Use your chakras to manifest abundance in your life!

Having cleared and balanced chakras will help you manifest abundance with more ease to create your ideal life.

Here is why and how to use them to manifest abundance!

Why is working on clearing and aligning your chakras important?
Here is why:
Root chakra (situated at the base of your spine – red) – when cleared and balanced, we feel safe and secure, that we belong and that we are grounded. We let go of worry, guilt and fear as well as dissatisfaction. Healing and harmony of the other chakras are much easier to achieve because this chakra is the basis of all the other chakras. For me personally, having a minimum amount in my bank account and heaving a regular income makes me feel safe and grounded and helps me to feel safe and secure.
Sacral chakra (situated below the navel – orange) – when cleared and balanced, we experience more creativity, physical pleasure, emotional sense of abundance and joy. We regulate our emotions more easily. We don’t feel empty anymore because we are connected to our feelings and emotions. It’s easier to take decisions because by regulating our emotions, we see more clearly. We will feel more gratitude, peace and satisfaction and have a more positive mental state of mind. For me personally, by healing my emotional wounds and learning to regulate my emotions, I became more peaceful, intuitive, abundant and content.
Solar plexus chakra (situated above the navel – yellow) – when cleared and balanced, our self-esteem increases and we feel more empowered. Our vitality, drive, self-worth and self-respect increase as well. We trust ourselves more as well as others and we are less critical of ourselves and others. We have more control over our emotions and become more patient. Personally, this is the one chakra I struggled with the most and I had to do a lot of mindset work to take my power back and value and respect myself.
Heart chakra (situated in the center of our chest – green) – when cleared and balanced, we let go of guilt, grief, resentment and hurt or other heavier emotions more easily. This chakra is the most important of them all because it is the place that connects all the other chakras, connecting our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects. When this chakra is healthy and balanced, all the other chakras are impacted in a positive way. We have a greater ability of compassion, empathy, unconditional love, self-acceptance and self-love. Working on this chakra will be the most beneficial for a general wellbeing and equilibrium.
Throat chakra (situated in the middle of our throat – blue) – when cleared and balanced, you will be able to speak your truth as well as to listen with more ease, not worry about other people’s opinion, critique or judgement. Your throat chakra along with taking action is a powerful manifestation tool because it helps you to speak your desires out into the universe and make them materialized. We are also more able to speak up and stand for ourselves and our values and to verbalize our needs and wants with confidence. I personally took a lot of time to open up my throat chakra because I was very afraid of speaking up and being ridiculed or critiqued especially when it came to my spirituality. I had to accept myself in full to be able to communicate in an authentic and truthful way and get out of my spiritual closet.
Third eye chakra (situated in the middle of your eyes at the level of your eyebrows – indigo) – when cleared and balanced, it allows you to be more intuitive and trusting of your gut feeling and inner nudges. You are more able to pick up bad energy in order to protect yourself. You feel less worried because you know that you can rely on your intuition and gain insight into your situation. Personally, the more I healed my emotional wounds and opened my heart, the more intuitive I became.
The crown chakra (situated at the top of your head – purple – when cleared and balanced, it allows you to feel connected to all that is (the whole universe) as well as be in contact with your higher self. To make the difference between your ego and your heart and being able to understand principles that go beyond your ego mind. We trust more in the universe, therefore feeling protected, guided and more peaceful. We will become less fearful and selfish, trust more in our own morals and values. We will feel more connected to our life mission and believe in a higher power. Feel less like a victim for what goes wrong in our life (or perceived as wrong), and more able to understand that everything happens for a reason and in divine order.
By balancing each chakra and having a balanced energetical flow between each of them from root to crown and crown to root, it will benefit and harmonize all of our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects and will help us to become our best version of ourselves as well as manifesting all of our wishes and desires in the following way:
Crown chakra – decide and set your intention for what you wish to manifest
Third eye chakra – visualize your dream into reality
Throat chakra – speak your intention into reality to help it take form in the energetical field until we manifest it in the 3d field
Heart chakra – free emotional blockages to raise vibration, letting the universe and others help you to reach your goal
Solar plexus chakra – feeling worthy, valuable and determined to put in the necessary efforts to manifest your desire, not letting obstacles stop you from reaching your goal
Sacral chakra – use your creativity to overcome any obstacle put in your way and use your emotions to fuel your manifestation
Root chakra – being committed to manifest your desire until that manifestation becomes your reality, end of each manifestation process
In conclusion, each of your chakras is powerful and if you clear and balance it and use it in your manifestation process, you will harness the power of each one of them to create your ideal life and become your best version.

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Mystical Queen Goddess
Counselling therapist, spiritual guide and creator of the Transformation 360 method.
Because your Inner Queen wants you to experience abundance at all levels!