How to shift your negative thoughts to positive thoughts

A 3-step process to go from a negative mindset to a positive mindset In this post, I will reveal to you how to go from negativity to positivity with an easy 3-step process. This process is made of an easy 3-step process: 1) RECOGNIZE2) REPLACE3) REPEAT First of all, I want to underline that negativity is not set in stone, it’s an ingrained and learned pattern that can be unlearned. Trauma, emotional wounds, upbringing, toxic families are at the root of a negative mindset. It’s like walking on the same road for years and all of a sudden you’re wanting to walk on a new virgin road…on which is not easy to walk on because it has all kinds of garbage, branches, and stuff on it….you have to remove all of that… RECOGNIZE – the 1st step is to recognize the old patterns that are taking place in your mind. What is the negative thought running through you mind? Identify it and write it down if you want to take note of all of your negative thoughts….but you don’t have to…just becoming aware of it is enough. REPLACE – the 2nd step is to replace that thought with a new more positive and empowering thought. Example: replace the thought: “I am not a good person” with the following: “I am doing my best each and every day”. Be creative and choose a thought that makes you feel good and joyful. REPEAT – the 3rd step is to take the same new road over and over again until you’ve removed all the extra junk on that road….meaning you have to repeat the new thought over and over again, at least for 5 or 8 times. Repetition will disempower the negative old thought. The more you repeat the new thought, the easier it will be for you to walk on the new road you’re making for yourself…simply switch the thought, it’s that simple! So this simple and easy 3-step process will require of you to love yourself enough and get out of the victim mentality and implement this exercice. Reading this article and not implementing the process will not change anything for you…what do you have to lose? You can do it, you are more powerful than you think you are! ????✨️???????????????? Bianca Piculeata aka Mystical Queen Goddess

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