How to wire your brain to get what you want!

I want you to imagine a wild tropical forest. In this forest, there are only 5 possible tracks that you can walk on. These 5 tracks have existed for 30 years in this wild forest. They are easy to walk on, there are no debris or branches, they have been walked on so often that there is no obstacle…

Now, you have been given the mission to create new tracks in this wild forest. These new paths to be created are now full of branches, rocks, debris, etc. You have a lot of work on your plate to create these new paths and they need to be created because they will bring you much faster to an exact place in this forest this is ideal for you!
This ideal place is everything you have wished for, there are wild birds, sweet fruit trees, the most beautiful tropical trees and plants, a clear stream of water…it’s a dream tropical spot! These new paths that you have to create are the only ones that will bring you to this paradisiac place!
Now, the brain is wired the same way as this tropical forest. You have wired your brain since your childhood and you are still functioning based on the paths you have created in your brain.
Each day, you are THINKING, FEELING and ACTING based on the paths that have been created on your brain. It’s so easy to walk on these paths because these are the paths that you’ve always walked on…they became habits…habits that are hard to change…
If the neuronal connections (brain neurons that connect with other neurons to create new ways of thinking) that have been wired in your brain are based on the following assumptions (beliefs):
all these paths will bring you to the exact same place in your life: a place where you feel not important, not valued, not enough, not loved, not loving yourself, pushing the energy of money away from you or not managing well your money…
because of these walked-on old brain paths…you continue having the same beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions…that bring you the same kind of experience…OVER AND OVER AGAIN….until you have had enough…AND YOU DECIDE TO CHANGE! AND THAT DECISION WILL BREAK THE PATTERN!
But if you want to break the pattern without getting to that “I’ve had enough of this situation” point…because you are tired of suffering….you can do that…just continue reading on….
If you want to get to a different spot in your life, then your job is to create new wired paths in your brain. You have to fire new neurons in your brain to create new paths. How do you fire your neurons to create new paths that will bring you to the ideal spot in your life?
One of the best ways to do this is by : REPETITION. With repetition, you will create new patterns of thinking…new beliefs…new emotions…new thoughts and actions…
The ideal time to create these new paths in your brain is as soon as you wake up and just before falling asleep or during meditation, because the brain is in the ideal state (theta or alpha) so that you can reprogram your brain with more ease. When you are active during the day, your brain is not very receptive to suggestions…therefore it is best to do it during these optimal times of the day mentioned earlier…
Choose anything you want to create in your life and make a list in your mind or write a list with the beliefs you need in order to get there. For example, if you want to stop procrastinating in your life, you might choose beliefs like:
I am consistent towards taking steps to reach my goals.
I am motivated to create my dream life.
Each day I wake up fired by my goals.
The universe, guides and angels want me to succeed.
And if you want to make more money, you could choose beliefs like:
I am open to receiving more money
Money is just energy
Money makes my life easier and more peaceful
Money is my best friend and supporter
Let’s say you want to manifest true love in your life, you new beliefs could be:
I am lovable and I love myself more each day
Life reflects back to me the love I have for myself
I am important, enough and valuable
Now let’s get back to the wild tropical forest for a brief moment…
You started working on creating these new paths but there are some big obstacles, like big trees that have been fallen on these paths…. and you need some specials tools…you can not lift these heavy obstacles only with your hands…you need a bigger tool….
The same thing happens when you are trying to create new beliefs, feel new feelings and take different actions…
There will be resistance….resistance that comes from emotional wounds and emotional trauma and your ego…so these need to be dealt with if you don’t want them to turn into sabotaging and procrastinating behaviors…so how do you deal with these obstacles?
The best tool is a journal, it doesn’t cost a thing and you can destroy anything you have written down if you’re not comfortable with keeping these notes.
If you feel that your emotions are heavy (most of them come from your past: emotional trauma and emotional wounds) start journaling them. Write down how you are feeling: sad, depressed, scared, lonely, lost, confused, stuck….
By doing this exercice, you are giving yourself importance and you are practicing self-love. Take a little step each day and love yourself a little bit more each day by journaling your feelings.
Just in this moment when you are reading this article, your ego could try to stop you from taking action on this…saying things like: you can’t do this, you don’t have the time, what’s the point? Be very mindful of how your ego mind always tries to protect you from taking risks or being disappointed…but in the same time keeps you stuck…
The main benefits of these journaling exercises is that you are healing your past, you will get more clarity on what you really need and you’ll access your intuition with more ease and get clarity on the next steps to take. Also, by journaling, other limiting beliefs will come up that you are not even aware of…to counteract these limiting beliefs, create new positive beliefs and create new paths in your brain by doing the 1st mentioned exercice…
Creating these new paths in your brain and releasing your past emotional baggage is the ultimate path to your destiny. You deserve to have all that you need be it : true love, more money and abundance. It all starts with you doing the work. Nobody can do it for you and I can’t do it for you either…the power is in your hands…
You are the only one responsible for your happiness and you have nothing to lose!
Mystical Queen Goddess

How to make money your bestie!

How to make money your bestie…
Let’s be honest…you started your relationship with money on the wrong foot…
Maybe in your home, when you were a child, money didn’t want to be your friend, money visited your family rarely, and even created fights in your home…because of the lack of presence of money…
So, you learned to not trust money, to always feel the lack of it, to want it and in the same time to reject it…you did not want to become like those people whom were flaunting their riches and were treating others badly….because of the stories you were told around money….
There was this confusion within you….a part of you felt that you needed more money but in the same time you were conflicted with this ideas that money is bad, money makes people mean and greedy, you can not have too much money, only the privileged people are worthy to have lot of money…money is scarce…etc.
Because of this conflict within you….you learned to just be open to receive enough to just survive and if you had a bit more, you had to spent it because the belief that there is never enough money was lingering in your subconscious mind….
And the secret is that your subconscious mind (negative beliefs around money) is driving your emotions, your thoughts and actions around money…therefore your beliefs were and are still manipulating you like a puppet on strings…
And since money is thriving in a healthy relationship like people are thriving in a healthy relationship….
Money was afraid to get closer to you….because you were afraid of it….
So how do you make money come more freely towards you….how do you make money become your best friend….
You release (full moon ritual or journaling or painting) any bad thoughts and beliefs you have around money….that could be coming from your past, from experiences you had around money….you write down and you release and by doing that….your frequency around money transforms and gets higher…
Higher frequency equals better manifestation power…
Money does not discriminate…money comes where it is welcomed and loved….money loves you back when you love it without judgment and prejudice…
Because money is innocent….money is energy…money is an exchange of energy between people and companies….money just is….
People corrupt money…people are putting their bad vibes and bad intentioned will on money….
Money just is….people are the ones spreading a bad rap around money…
It is not fair to deprive yourself of the freedom that money gives you because people make bad choices around money…
It is not fair to deprive yourself of the abundance that money can offer you because some people are evil people….
You are not evil…you are not selfish…you do not have bad intentions…you are not greedy….
You are generous and have a good heart….you are generous and have good intentions….you are a good-hearted spiritual woman
You have the birth right of abundance in your life….you are worthy of creating, receiving, saving, investing money and take advantage of the power and energy of money in your life…
Do not let society, your parents, your caretakers, mainstream media influence you anymore when it comes to your relationships with money and the truth around money…
Take your freedom back and your birth right and feel worthy of healing your relationship with money now….do the work and take responsibility of improving your relationship with money…
Educate yourself and learn about how to make more money….follow your intuition and your passions to create more money…learn, read and read some more…education is power!
Be open to find and receive money and be blessed….feel worthy of more money in your life…
Money doesn’t own you…you own money….money is not your master….you are the master of money when you know how to influence money and love money because of the opportunities and freedom it can provide you with….money will flow more freely towards you!
What blocks you? What are your limiting beliefs? Are they true or are they limiting you and impeding you from becoming more open to receive it and feeling worthy of more money in your life?
If you start today….you never know where your relationship with money will be in a few months, years….start today and allow time to heal your relationship with money…
Your future-self version will thank you!
When you wake up tomorrow, as soon as you wake up say the following in your head:
I love money and money loves me back
I am taking my power back and improving my relationship with money
Money is simply energy therefore I welcome it into my life
I am worthy of money
I earn and keep money easily in my life
Money loves to bless me…
Money is my best friend and always there when I need it
Money is my best friend
Also during the day, ask yourself empowering questions and stop saying disempowering things around money :
How can I allow more money in my life ?
What is the fastest and easiest way to make more money?
What would be a miraculous situation to welcome more money into my life?
How can I learn more about how to save, earn, invest money so that my life becomes abundant and prosperous?
Keep a high vibe around money and you’ll soon see how money will be more present in your life because YOU LET IT! Let money become your best friend! You have the power over this relationship!
Happy money making beautiful spiritual Queen!
Because every spiritual woman deserves money flowing into her life!
Let me know below what blocks money from coming more abundantly into your life!
Mystical Queen Goddess

Money – Healing your relationship with money

How to repair your relationship with money
Your relationship with money stems mainly from your childhood. Whenever someone talked about money or fights that you had to see in your childhood around money, have all shaped the way you view money.
In my own household when I was a child, there were fights around money which made me believe that there was never enough. The fridge would often be almost empty, but somehow, food would appear on the table when it was time to eat.
Scarcity and lack were the main theme in my own childhood relationship with money. My father had the opportunities and the talent to make a lot of money but somehow, in our house, there is never enough…
When I grew up and started earning money, I managed unconsciously to create the same theme in my life, by spending everything I earned. Since I was comfortable with the idea that there is not enough money, I was creating the same scarcity environment in my adult life.
So, what is your story around money? Did you live in an abundant environment or in a lack and scarcity environment when it came to money? Your past has a big influence on the beliefs you have created for yourself around money, the way you earn money, how you spend money, how you receive and give money, how you invest or save money. You also have a comfortable limit when it comes to money. If you are not comfortable with having a certain amount in your bank account, you will subconsciously behave in a way so that you have less money in your money account even if you have the possibility to have more. To be able to have 2K in your bank account, you have to vibrate at the same frequency as that 2K. The more you raise your money frequency, the more you will be able to sustain money in your life. If your frequency around money is of 500$, you will always manage to spend your money so that you get to that comfortable limit of 500$ and not more.
Also, if you are afraid of letting go of money when you pay your bills (or don’t feel good when you pay your bills) or you don’t allow yourself to buy yourself something you like and you hold on to money because you are afraid it won’t come back to you, you will struggle with money. You have to learn to let money flow, giving and receiving, believing that it will come back to you in any shape or form. Don’t hold on to money like you hold on to dear life, let it circulate and money will come back to you.
Your relationship with money should be like the relationship with a person. I encourage you strongly to consider money as your best friend. If you don’t trust money, if you don’t love money, how do you want money to love you back and support you? It will despise you as much as you despise it (money). Open yourself to the idea that there is more than enough money in the world and there is always enough for you. Let money support you and be your best friend.
There is this generalized idea that money makes people greedy and mean. Actually, it works the other way around: good people do good things with money and greedy and mean people do bad things with money. Money doesn’t change whom you are, it only amplifies whom you are. I do trust that you are a good person so having more money would mean for you that you would be able to improve your life and the life of other people as well, if you wish to.
Take a journal and jot down all your limiting (negative beliefs) that you have around money. Remember events from your childhood around money and write down how it did impact your money mindset. Once you have done that, start challenging them. Are they true? Or are they beliefs that society imposed on you or are these beliefs a result of your childhood upbringing – of your mother and father (or caretakers)’s own beliefs? Is it worth punishing yourself because of other people’s limiting behaviors and beliefs around money? Don’t you deserve to have a good and healthy relationship with money? I believe you do and you can create new positive and empowering beliefs around money. From not having enough, you can start believing that there is more money than you need for you, that you love money and money loves you back, and that the better relationship you establish around money, the more money wilt take care of you.
Do you even dare to look at your bank account or are you putting your head in the sand? You can not improve your relationship with money if you turn the blind eye to it. Make a promise to yourself to look at your bank account and look for ways to raise that money limit. Affirm every morning when you wake up (in your head and while you are still sleepy to reprogram your money mindset) positive affirmations around money like:
I have more money than I need.
I attract money like a magnet.
I am open to new ideas as to ways to increase or multiply my income.
I love money and money loves me and has my back.

Do this healthy money routine each morning and you’ll see how much better you’ll feel around money.
Be mindful and pay attention to any limiting (negative) thoughts that you have in your mind around money and create new empowering and positive beliefs around money and add them to your list. Soon, you would have transformed your mindset around money. Keep being focused and disciplined when it comes to repairing your money mindset and relationship with money.
The more positive mindset you will have around money, the more new and fresh ideas will come to you in order to increase your revenue. It could be finding a new job, changing a job, creating something that you can sell, providing a service online, etc. Stay open to these ideas and apply them. The universe might even send you new opportunities your way because it now reads your new frequency around money! Be open to receive!
I wish you a beautiful, healthy and bountiful relationship with money beautiful soul!
Let me know below if you have any questions around the topic of money mindset.
Mystical Queen Goddess
Counselling therapist, spiritual guide and creator of the Transformation 360 method