Here are the 10 amazing benefits of processing your emotions!

Here are the 10 amazing benefits of processing your emotions!
1. You will fill less empty – cutting yourself from your emotions is like denying a part of yourself – the more you allow yourself to feel, the more you have access to more parts of you that stay hidden. When you feel empty, it’s often because you are not in touch with past trauma, emotions from the past, parts of you that you have learned to hide in order to be loved and accepted.
2. Your intuition will become clearer – the more you express your emotions, the more you become centered and you get access to your wisdom, your inner gut feeling. When you don’t process your emotions, it’s like blocking intuition from reaching you. You need to become a clear vessel for your intuition to come through.
3. You could lose some weight (if you are used to drinking alcohol or eating when you don’t want to feel) – keeping your emotions buried had you piling on some weight. The less you need to burry your feelings and emotions, the less calories you’re intaking and the more unnecessary weight will start to drop off. The more you deal with and feel and express your emotions, the less you’ll go to food to help you cope.
4. You will feel more peace – it takes energy to not do what is natural to a human being – feeling your emotions, and the more you fight against your natural and born quality of having emotions, the more stress, anxiety will pile up in your system. Finding a healthy way to express your emotions be it journaling, seeing a therapist (etc.), speaking to a friend you trust and that is a good listener, etc, the more peace you will feel because underneath grief, sadness, anger, envy, fear, your soul is always at peace and trusting in a higher power.
5. Your energetical frequency will get higher, therefore manifest easier – if you hold low vibrational emotions, your frequency will be low, therefore you will keep attracting what you don’t want. The more you deal with your emotions and get them out of your system, the higher your frequency will get at and the easier will be for you to manifest what you want. Low frequency attracts low frequency situations and people and high frequency attracts high frequency situations and high frequency people to you. This is the law of attraction at work!
6. You will become more light and joyful – if you have built up emotional trauma, you might feel sad, depressed and heavy in your spirit. Put your emotions down on paper, talk to a non-judgmental and no-advice giving friend, paint a canvas without judging your artistic skills (dollar stores will do just fine). You need to express the negative emotions in order to access your positive emotions and anything else will be superficial, forceful and not lasting.
7. You will find the right solutions to your problems – if you keep your emotions bottled up, you will have the tendency to go in your head to find solutions and since the mind is limited (not like intuition – unlimited), you might not find the best solutions to your problems. If you deal with your pain, you get access to your intuition, therefore the best solutions will present themselves to you. By journaling and jotting down everything that bothers you on paper, you access the universal intelligence that you always have access to, if you do the necessary work.
8. It will become easier for you to put boundaries – if you get access to how you feel, you will uncover what its not ok for you and you will be able to better decide what boundaries you need to put around you in order for you to feel more respected by your friends, family or partner. If you ignore your inner boundaries and what you body is trying to communicate to you, you will not be able to know where you need to make yourself respected and communicate to others how you want to be treated. Others will not know your limits and you can not blame them because you don’t communicate clearly what is ok with you and what isn’t.
9. You will have less chances of becoming sick – emotions that are stuck in your system can become toxic for your body and for your body trying to deal with them and contain them, it could develop illnesses further down the road. I am not an expert on this, but I talk from experience and there are a few books that explain the emotional reasons for each illness. The more you get these toxic emotions out of your system, the less your body will have to express itself through sickness because there is so much that your body can take when it comes to toxic emotions.
10. You will uncover your limiting negative beliefs – behind every emotional blockage that you have, there is at least 1 limiting belief that is holding you back. The more I dove into my emotional blockages, the more I was able to uncover my own limiting beliefs and was able to transform them, and as a result, transform my life. Your limiting beliefs will limit you from experiencing your full power as a women, block you from loving and valuing yourself, from manifesting abundance in your life, etc. Limiting beliefs are truly disempowering and in order to uncover them, working to release your emotions is one of the easiest methods to be successful at finding your limiting beliefs.
Mystical Queen Goddess
Counselling therapist, spiritual guide and creator of the Transformation 360 method.
Because your Inner Queen wants you to experience abundance at all levels!

Why you should allow yourself to feel your emotions (for spiritual women)

Why you should allow yourself to feel your emotions! (for spiritual women)

I grew up in a house where emotions where like aliens…I learned to hide them, to be ashamed of them, to burry them with food. Having emotions and expressing them was not a natural thing in my home, the contrary was true.
So what was a girl like me to do when something difficult was happening to me that made me feel all kinds of emotions that I haven’t learned to deal with…or that I was in trouble and I needed to come up with a solution…
I ended up being so afraid of feeling because it was so alien to me to feel, that I was immediately going into my rational mind, trying to put a meaning on things or trying to find the perfect solution.
It took me years to allow myself to feel, to stop judging myself as too sensitive, to accept that I was an emotional human being and that emotions are TOTALLY NORMAL.
If it feels alien to you to feel and you find yourself overthinking, I need you to realize that you need to transform that pattern in order to stop overthinking. Here are 5 steps to help you with that.
1. Breathe, slowly breath in your tummy for 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds and expel the air for 3 seconds. Repeat until you feel calmer.
2. Ask yourself: what I am feeling right now? Am I afraid, am I angry, upset, sad, insecure? Accept that emotion.
3. If you need to vent, start scribbling or writing on a note pad to get out your toxic emotions. Hit or scream in a pillow until your anger goes away. Cry until your feel at peace. Hold a teddy bear if you need comforting. Become that mother figure that you never had for your inner child, a mother that is nurturing, comforting, accepting and loving.
4. By releasing your emotions and allowing yourself to feel, you will find peace of mind and stop overthinking and this will give you access to your intuition. Remember that your mind is limited and your intuition is unlimited because it is connected to the universal intelligence. The best solutions and answers come from your intuition.
5. Return to your heart space, by putting your hand on your heart and ask yourself: what do I need right now? How can I accept more the situation because accepting is always the first step to less suffering? What can I do about this situation? What is the 1st step that I can take to resolve this conflict? Where do I need to let go on what I can’t do or can’t understand? And if you find any limiting beliefs, ask yourself if they are true? Because in most cases they are not.
Remember that emotions are natural and not allowing yourself to feel them will have lots of negative consequences on you and your life.
Mystical Queen Goddess
Counselling therapist, spiritual guide and creator of the Transformation 360 method.
Because your Inner Queen wants you to experience abundance at all levels!