How to know if you are truly loved by your man?

Ever wondering if your partner truly loves you? There are a few easy ways of knowing and I will describe a few of them in this article.

1. He takes you into consideration when he takes important decisions
2. When you cry, he takes you into his arms and comforts you
3. He respects your decisions and inspires you to be your best version
4. He loves spending time with you in person or he consistently calls or texts you
5. You feel that you are his priority
6. He loves and accepts you for whom you are, with your qualities and defaults
7. He is making plans with you for the future
8. He treats you with respect, love and adores you
9. He lets you have your space and is always happy to reconnect with you
10. He wants to have a deep emotional connection with you
11. He makes the effort to communicate with you when something is wrong
12. He tries to improve himself in order to be a better person when he feels free to do so

Anything you would like to this list? Feel free to do so in the comments below!

Mystical Queen Goddess
Counselling therapist, spiritual guide and creator of the Transformation 360 method.
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