5 steps to transition in a new chapter with ease and flow!

5 tips to survive✨🪄💗 the transition to a new chapter with ease and flow!
I am currently going through a big transition: a separation and divorce, finding a new roommate, and letting go of my old self with which I no longer resonate with…so I wanted to talk to you about the tools I am personally using to go through this transition in a much smoother way so that you can use them too in case you are going through a similar thing…
Transitioning into a new chapter of your life is not easy…we are letting go of people…shifting jobs…moving homes or changing our identity…letting go of a difficult past…
We need to be ready to let go of our old self which is not always easy….we tend to not want to let go of that version of us that no longer serves us…
If you feel overwhelmed😱, afraid, expecting the worse, know that change doesn’t have to be negative, it can always bring a lot of positive experiences in your life. Learn to always expect a positive outcome in order to attract positive circumstances in your life!
Letting go of the old means making space for a more positive situation to enter your life because you have learned from your mistakes & you know what you don’t want anymore!
Change happens when we have outgrown and old situation and we are fed up and crave change and we are willing to do the work to attract a new chapter in your life! When we have had enough of being stagnant and in pain, change is desired and craved!
One major block❌ in transitioning to a new chapter is the fear of change. Because of difficult past experiences and trauma, we identify change with a negative experience. But when we are getting ready for a positive change and a new happier chapter, we seek a positive new experience and if that is what we expect, that is what we are going to manifest🪄!
A transition period is not easy, we have to let go of limiting thinking, ingrained old patterns, let go of things and people that no longer serve us. We might feel insecure🥺, unsettled, scared, fearful of change and we might deal with a lot of 3D tasks that have to be accomplished.
I want you to know that in the end, it’s all worthy it because you can’t only go higher when you make space for positive and beautiful things to enter into your life! Continue reading to find out just how!
Here are 5 tips to transition more gracefully during a difficult period so that you don’t lose all your beautiful peacock feathers🦚 during this tumultuous period…
1. Let go of your old self
Light a candle🕯️ and start gazing into its flame. This gazing will put your brain🧠 into theta waves which will allow you to activate a change in your subconscious brain. Start thanking your old self for everything that she went through in order for you to survive.
Express your gratitude🙏🏻 to her for having helped you survive your difficult experiences in childhood and thereafter. Imagine saying goodbye to her and telling her that you don’t no longer need her in your life because you want to become a better version of yourself. Let her go and if you want to use the earth element, you can imagine putting her into the ground because that version of you is unalive. Say your goodbyes.
You can now let her go because there is a new birthed version✨👑 of you that wants to take charge. Find a name for this new version of you, example: Beautiful goddess and imagine that you are have integrated this new identity within yourself. You are now vibrating at the frequency of this new identity you have chosen for yourself!
2. Let go of past frequency
Get rid of stuff that keeps your frequency low or reminds you too much of your old chapter and makes you feel sad. You can give, donate or sell it, it’s up to you. By doing that, you are creating space for new things to enter in your life that have a higher frequency and match your new frequency.
Do you have clothes👙👗 that don’t bring you excitement and joy? Do you have books 📚 or tarot decks that no longer spark your interest? Do you have things that you don’t use but you know other people would make a great use out of it? Do you still hold on to gifts🎁 that no longer make you feel good and remind you of past hurts? Time to donate, sell or throw away! In this way, you are creating space to receive from a higher frequency✨!
3. Leave toxicity behind
If you are still holding on to toxic relationships🧛🏻‍♂️ in your life, it’s time to let them go. People that are negative, toxic, and drain your energy leaving you exhausted will keep you stuck in a low frequency and in a difficult chapter. You can focus that lost energy on yourself, on bettering yourself and your life and on accomplishing your dreams.
You are not responsible of anyone’s happiness but your own. READ THAT LAST SENTENCE ONCE MORE. You might have been brought up to believe in your childhood that you were responsible of your parents’ happiness and you grew up continuing the same ingrained pattern of taking care of others at the expense of your own happiness☹️.
Now it’s time for you to let go of that toxic pattern and put yourself first💅🏻. You were never responsible of other people’s wellbeing because each person is responsible for their own fulfilment and happiness. By putting others first, you keep them in a victim position. You are no longer a child👧🏻 that needs other people’s love and validation because today you can give all of that to yourself🥰! Start each day by being more loving towards yourself, practicing self-care and fulfilling your needs more and more!
4. Journaling
Journal to let go of what no longer serves you and keeps you in a low frequency of an old chapter. Take out a piece of paper or a journal📔and start writing down what you wish to let go and don’t stop until you have put on paper everything that comes up for you to write down. If you go deep enough, you will find limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and it’s important to become aware of them in order to be able to alchemize them into new empowering and positive beliefs! Once you have identified your limiting beliefs, write new positive beliefs and repeat them as soon as you wake up to reprogram your subconscious brain.
Finish your writing by adding: I am ready now to let of ….and write until you feel you have put down all things you feel you no longer need to hold on to…Intention is very powerful🪄!
5. Let go of resentment
Forgive yourself for all your mistakes in that old chapter. We go through life and we make many mistakes and we learn from them. The purpose of these mistakes is not to punish ourselves but to experience life and learn from them in order to better ourselves. There is no need to hold on to resentment, self-sabotage, self-punishment, it’s time to let it all go and let it stay where it belongs …in the past.
Forgive everyone that has wronged you and forgive especially yourself💗! It doesn’t mean that what they have done to you was not wrong, it was, but you keeping resentment in your body is like holding on to poison that affect you ultimately. When you forgive others, you are letting go of emotions that hold your frequency low and keeps you stagnant.
When you are choosing to let go of these low frequency emotions, your energetical frequency will soar☝🏻 and therefore your life will have to adjust in order to reflect back to you, your new higher frequency✨!
Apply the tips that speak most to you, in order to transition from your old chapter to your new chapter in a much smoother and easier way! Change can be beautiful and bring you more opportunities and abundance💗🪄✨🥰! If you fear change is because you’ve been traumatized in the past and you always fear that the worst can happen but there is nothing more false…expect the best to happen for everyone involved and it shall!
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