Why you should allow yourself to feel your emotions (for spiritual women)

Why you should allow yourself to feel your emotions! (for spiritual women)

I grew up in a house where emotions where like aliens…I learned to hide them, to be ashamed of them, to burry them with food. Having emotions and expressing them was not a natural thing in my home, the contrary was true.
So what was a girl like me to do when something difficult was happening to me that made me feel all kinds of emotions that I haven’t learned to deal with…or that I was in trouble and I needed to come up with a solution…
I ended up being so afraid of feeling because it was so alien to me to feel, that I was immediately going into my rational mind, trying to put a meaning on things or trying to find the perfect solution.
It took me years to allow myself to feel, to stop judging myself as too sensitive, to accept that I was an emotional human being and that emotions are TOTALLY NORMAL.
If it feels alien to you to feel and you find yourself overthinking, I need you to realize that you need to transform that pattern in order to stop overthinking. Here are 5 steps to help you with that.
1. Breathe, slowly breath in your tummy for 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds and expel the air for 3 seconds. Repeat until you feel calmer.
2. Ask yourself: what I am feeling right now? Am I afraid, am I angry, upset, sad, insecure? Accept that emotion.
3. If you need to vent, start scribbling or writing on a note pad to get out your toxic emotions. Hit or scream in a pillow until your anger goes away. Cry until your feel at peace. Hold a teddy bear if you need comforting. Become that mother figure that you never had for your inner child, a mother that is nurturing, comforting, accepting and loving.
4. By releasing your emotions and allowing yourself to feel, you will find peace of mind and stop overthinking and this will give you access to your intuition. Remember that your mind is limited and your intuition is unlimited because it is connected to the universal intelligence. The best solutions and answers come from your intuition.
5. Return to your heart space, by putting your hand on your heart and ask yourself: what do I need right now? How can I accept more the situation because accepting is always the first step to less suffering? What can I do about this situation? What is the 1st step that I can take to resolve this conflict? Where do I need to let go on what I can’t do or can’t understand? And if you find any limiting beliefs, ask yourself if they are true? Because in most cases they are not.
Remember that emotions are natural and not allowing yourself to feel them will have lots of negative consequences on you and your life.
Mystical Queen Goddess
Counselling therapist, spiritual guide and creator of the Transformation 360 method.
Because your Inner Queen wants you to experience abundance at all levels!