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I came from a background where there was no much love but rather fear. For so long I can remember, I lacked self-esteem, I was feeling worthless and was very insecure and shy. I grew up thinking that I didn’t deserved to be loved, that I wasn’t valuable nor important, I was crippled with shame, guilt, depression, anger as well as anxiety but was coping with food in order to not feel the anxiety attacks.

When I started dating, I began attracting men that weren’t emotionally available, that were unfaithful as well as narcissistic and I was so afraid of being rejected by them that I continuously sabotaged the relationships by leaving them before they could leave me. I was so convinced that everyone will eventually abandon me that I could not take the risk of feeling rejected again and instead, I rather preferred rejecting myself first. I was wearing a mask and not showing them whom I really was and not affirming my wants and needs. I was stuck in a cycle of repeating toxic patterns and I didn’t understand why I had so much trouble of finding true unconditional love.  

I was seeing these girls and women that had no trouble attracting healthy men and happy relationships and struggled to put a meaning on my continued failed relationships. I had no idea that my limiting beliefs around the topic of love that I had (example: I don’t deserve to be loved; I am not important nor valuable, etc.) as well as my deep emotional wounds, trauma and accumulated feelings of abandonment and rejection were keeping me from attracting a partner that was ready to be emotionally intimate with me as well as offer me emotional security, deep affection and true unconditional love. 

I worked a lot on myself in order to heal my emotional wounds in my 3-year training as a therapist and when I transformed my limiting beliefs with my Transformation 360 method, my life started to change because when we change our subconscious memories and negative beliefs about ourselves and the world, our world starts to shift as well. It’s when I decided to give myself all that I was expecting from someone else that I started attracting my True Love Soulmate. Today, I am in a relationship with my True Love Soulmate where I receive an abundance of love, affection and where I share a deep emotional connection and feel secure within myself and the relationship.

This is why I made it my life mission to help single women that can’t figure out why they are not able to attract their True Love Soulmate or that are heartbroken, to fall in love with themselves and attract and keep their True Love Soulmate, even if they tried everything and failed. One of the things that pains me the most is knowing the effects of a toxic and difficult upbringing on a girl that will grow up and start attracting partners that don’t offer her the emotional and loving support and security that she so badly needs. It’s especially those women with a trouble past and with a broken heart that deserve an abundance of love and abundance in their life! 

If my story resonates with you and you are at a moment in life when you feel ready to receive help with attracting your True Love Soulmate, you can click below: