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This package of 10 sessions can be easily tailored to your unique needs but for a general idea on what we would work on, here are the 10 stages of the Attract and keep your True Love Soulmate package: 

STAGE 1 – Getting in contact with you body and getting out of your head (that hamster has to stop spinning!) and find inner peace, guidance and security by reconnecting to your intuition! 

STAGE 2For the feeling stuck: identify and transform your attachment pattern as well as working on your trauma, emotions, unhealthy patterns and limiting beliefs; for the heartbroken – same work plus getting back in contact with your heart and hear its messages to you – this is the best way to put together the broken pieces of your heart and feel whole again! 

STAGE 3 – Get back your self-confidence, self-esteem and get to know the unique you that is valuable – and find yourself feeling good and confident about yourself again! 

STAGE 4 – We will work on your self-sabotage behaviour (yes, we all have been a Sabotage Queen at a moment in our life) so that you can finally let yourself receive and give love!  

STAGE 5 – Get back in touch with your inner child and let her express herself by awakening your creativity and joy! She misses you and wants to reconnect with you! You will learn to mother yourself so that you never feel lonely and alone anymore! 

STAGE 6 – Express your passions and follow your dreams – they are your primary source of joy! You will get to do the things you love in order to get the life you want to live! This is very attracting to your True Love Soulmate!  

STAGE 7 – Release your inner guilt, accumulated anger and frustration and find inner peace and calm. It will feel so good to be finally at peace with yourself and your past and you will be able to open yourself to a completely new loving and abundant experience!  True Love Soulmate love is something you have not experienced yet and it will blow your mind when you get to experience it! 

STAGE 8For the feeling stuck: what you think you want and what you really need in a relationship is very different! I will help you identify what exactly you need from your True Love Soulmate in order to thrive and heal your past trauma and hurt; for the heartbroken: learn to calm your anxiety by getting to the root problem and fixing it and put together your own personalized tool box to calm yourself! You will never feel powerless again! 

STAGE 9 – Identify and transform your limiting negative beliefs in order to remove the blockages that impede you from finding True Love!  I will teach you my unique method called Transformation 360 (that I invented myself and that completely changed my life – no one in the world works with this method) in order to help you transform your limiting beliefs within seconds (not minutes, not hours, not days, not months, not years)! Get your freedom back in seconds and apply this method to all other areas of your life! 

STAGE 10 –  Learn how to have the best time in your own company! I will teach you self-care fitted for the Queens! You will find true bliss in spending time surrounded by the things you love most and doing the activities that make you feel your best! 

Yes, all these stages are set up in order to help you fall in love with yourself! This is the ultimate condition in attracting and keeping your true love soulmate!  

BONUS 1 – Open yourself to new love and learn how to attract and manifest your True Love Soulmate easily and effortlessly with this secret! This is how I attracted my own True Love Soulmate! It’s one simple decision that will change your love life and get you from stuck or heartbroken to unconditionally loved!

BONUS 2 – Pdf that explains the difference between the Masculine and Feminine energies within you that need to be balanced in order for you to experience love, bliss and success in your life! You will also get a worksheet to identify which traits of each energy you are expressing the most and need to be equilibrated! 

BONUS 3 – Get two free weeks of access to me by text message during the period where you will be doing online or real life dating! This has no expiry date if you don’t feel ready and want to enjoy more time by yourself because you have finally discovered how good you feel in your own company!

Are you excited by all of this? If yes, let’s get on a discovery call and click below: