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Hi there, beautiful soul! 

If you are a spiritual woman struggling with lack in your life and want to learn how to manifest true love, more money, inner peace and confidence and becoming happy with yourself and your life, this free ebook is for you! 

My Cinderella story – from lack to abundance!

I came a long way from where I am now. This is a: from lack to abundance story!

I come from lack of love and self-respect…

lack of money or having just enough to get by…

lack of self-acceptance and not knowing how to express my emotions…

I come from verbal and physical violence.

For a long period in my life, I didn’t love myself, didn’t value myself, didn’t respect myself.

In my adult life, I was repeating the same cycle of lack as in my childhood.

Since we attract what we are and our life is a reflection of whom we are….I repeated the same story over and over…

lack of unconditional love…

not having enough money…

not being respected because I didn’t respect myself

not being valued because I didn’t value myself

being depressed because I had a negative way of looking at life

feeling a void and calming my anxiety with food because I didn’t know how to feel or identify my emotions

feeling lost, weird and alone…because I always felt different and not grounded…

sabotaging myself because my ego would try to protect me

self-isolating myself because I was so busy to survive instead of living and thriving….

I had no self esteem nor confidence and I felt empty and lost.

I studied 3 years in counseling therapy and that help me heal a lot of emotional wounds…

When I failed with my 1st business, I realized that I had a ton of limiting beliefs that kept me stuck

So I created my own method of transformation because I couldn’t find what I was looking for….

My life began changing drastically

I started to love myself more…

to speak out more and put boundaries…

to save money and going beyond just enough….

to respect and value myself more….

my intuition started to increase….

I started manifesting with ease and this was magical…

I never new that manifesting was a real thing and that we are powerful creators….

My life mission become clearer….

This is when I realized that the miracle in my own life was possible for any spiritual woman that had deep emotional wounds, toxic ingrained patterns and limiting beliefs like me….

if it was possible for me….it is possible for her….

so this is how my life mission became guiding and transforming Cinderella into Queens…

and go from lack to abundance in their own life….

because I believe in my heart that every woman deserves to have abundance at all levels

no matters her story….

no matter how limiting beliefs….

no matter her emotional wounds…..

no matter her behavioral patterns…..

every spiritual woman deserves to have it all….

and I am here for it!