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Hi! Welcome to my Mystical Queen Goddess story page!

I come from a background of lack, fear, anxiety and scarcity and today I can affirm that I live in abundance at all levels: material, spiritual, love and money wise because today I know that abundance is our birthright! It was a spiritual and emotional journey of personal development to get to this level of abundance in my life! But what I have learned along the way can save you years of personal development and therapy! Because I don’t do complicated and long, I invented my own and unique in the world method of transforming the mindset and toxic patterns in order to become the truest and highest version of ourselves in 3 months!

I had to heal past emotional wounds, transform my negative mindset in order to replace limiting beliefs with more expansive and positive beliefs and unlearn learned behaviours and patterns. When I have changed my mindset, my life started to change because whatever we think and believe to be true unconsciously, we manifest in our life. Everything is energy and our beliefs and thoughts manifest themselves in our 3D reality! 

I know how it feels to not feel worthy of love, to not feel enough, to not have enough money, to always be fearful and anxious, to have sabotaging behaviours, to not be able to manifests abundance so now that I was able to manifest abundance at all levels in my life, I am the best positioned to show you the way.  The Mystical Queen Goddess journey is my own personal transformation journey and when you get introduced in it, a new world opens up for you!