Why procrastination is a wonderful thing!

Why procrastinating is a wonderful thing🤯🙀!
Behind procrastination, there are hidden reasons that you don’t see. There is a message behind procrastination that you soul or subconscious mind is trying to communicate to you.

Procrastination is either:

1) telling you that you force yourself to accomplish your goal in a way that doesn’t fit your personality💗. Example: you’re trying to lose weight with an activity that only brings you pain, body aches and no pleasure. Try to find an activity that brings you the same results but all the while, brings you pleasure and fun. You’ll be much more consistent and you’ll look forward to doing that activity, and weight loss will follow. This goes against society that pushes you to do things even if you dread doing them. It pushes you to use your masculine energy of PUSH PUSH PUSH mentality, while neglecting your feminine energy. But your feminine energy wants you to find joy and pleasure while getting you to accomplish your goals🪄💛!

2. telling you that you have subconscious fears that need to come up to the surface. We all want to accomplish things in life but when we have subconscious fears, will will do everything to sabotage ourselves out of accomplishing them! Solution: journal until you get in touch with your fears. Identify them and find solutions to alleviate your fears. Example: I am fearful if I lose weight, I will get too much attention from men👀. Solution to your fear: ask yourself, is it a true fear or is this just my ego trying to protecting me from the belief that I don’t deserve attention or that it’s not safe for me to be seen? Make a new belief: I am worthy of being seen and It is safe for me to be seen. Another example: the fear of not being able to accomplish the task. Solution: ask yourself: what is the 1st task🧩 that I can do today that is the easiest? Do only that small step. Tomorrow or on a different day, do the next little step. This way, you’ll end up finalizing the task even if you broke it in small little steps which is less terrorizing…


3. telling us we don’t have the right focus🎯. We are all over the place. We aren’t organized, we don’t have enough energy because we give it all away to things and people that don’t bring us nothing in return. It’s a sign that we have to centralize our energy and focus! Make a list on your phone📱 in your notes section or on a piece of paper that you can cross off, once accomplished. Put things in your calendar or find the way to organize yourself that speaks to you and that you know you’ll actually consult during your week. Your brain will want to do these things (search of dopamine🧠). Cut the people in your life that take all your energy or put healthy boundaries and put yourself first. If you fear losing them or their affection know that you’ll be winning your self-respect and energy back…which is huge!

To conclude, I want you to know that I was the Queen👑 of sabotage and procrastination. The tools I gave you above are a result of my own realizations that helped me and still help me in my day to day life! If was able to stop procrastinating, you can too!

Procrastination is a wonderful thing because it forces you to look within and see what your subconscious mind wants you to see in order to become a better version of yourself. It also shows you how you sabotage yourself out of success…when you don’t put boundaries and you are all over the place. Lastly, it pushes you to respect your unique self💃 and take into account all of your needs…

Talk soon beautiful soul! 

5 ways to shift from Cinderella to Queen frequency!

5 ways to shift from Cindarela to Queen frequency!

Here are some 5 tips for the Cindarelas of this world, that were born in lack at all levels but want to manifest more love, more money and more happiness in their life !

1. LOVE – If you are in a relationship where you feel you aren’t treated the way you want to be treated, ask your inner Queen: How would you think and act in my place? Than act exactly like her, ignoring your Cindarela mindset that keeps you stuck in unfulfilling love relationships. Your Cindarela version will try to outsmart your Queen’s wisdom, so stay aware of any mischievous thoughts that could run through your mind, that make you feel nor worthy of having a happy and loving relationship! Your Cindarela mindset will push you to act from a position of feeling not worthy, powerless, not important vs your Queen mindset that will give you the courage to ask for what you deserve: love, affection and being valued and respected! Your Cindarela version will tell you that you don’t deserve more than that cheating and lying partner you have while your Queen version will tell you to run, heal & learn to love yourself and then to manifest your divine partner! 

2. MONEY – If you want to hocus pocus more money in your life, reevaluate your mindset around the energy of money! Would a Queen be afraid of making more money?

Would a Queen block money from entering into her life because rich people are selfish with money?

Would a Queen cling on to her money because she’s afraid there isn’t more where it came from?

Would a Queen judge money and put all kinds of negative labels on money? 

Queen frequency doesn’t align with a low vibrational money mindset. A Queen loves money and is very well aware that money can positively impact her life and the life of the people she cares about! A Queen makes bffs with money! 

She is a benevolent queen and she treats people in her life accordingly and doesn’t give her power away when it comes to money, because she knows it’s unfair the money gets a bad rep because of some people’s true colors…as money reveals more of whom you are…a beautiful or tarnished soul…

By improving your mindset around money, you will have the motivation you need to ask for that raise, start that side husstle, have new ideas around making money or simply manifest more money in your life! 

3.  ENERGY –  If you don’t know how to put “respect me” boundaries, it is time for you to consult your Royal wisdom and act from the place of the queen of your own kingdom! A Queen is not bothered by what others think of her, not concerned by others’ opinions of her, not ruffled by other’s reactions to her actions or words! A Queen knows her inner diamond value and that she’s worthy of what she desires. When you tap into that Queen frequency, you will be able to say no to people, not be available for toxicity and put  yourself first! You’ll stop giving your time & energy away because you’ll put value on them! 

4.   FREQUENCY – What’s the biggest difference between Cindarela and Queen vibes? Cindarela is afraid of healing because she won’t be able to combat her imaginary emotional monster! The Queen in you is fierce and courageous and knows that she can conquer anything! 

So take your journal out or your painting brushes out express those stuck emotions that are dying to come out of the lurky shadows. You’ll find that behind these emotions, lie the biggest lies that need to come to the surface for you to reclaim your Queenly throne! These lies are: that you are not worthy, not enough, not valuable…so ripping out these bad weeds and replacing them with beautiful and colorful new flowers that tell the new story: that you are indeed enough, you were always valuable, worthy and lovable! But without facing your shadows, no light can come up to the surface! 

5. CLARITY – It’s important to end the attachment to your inner Cindarela. If you are addicted to the struggle, to the victim story, to the blaming and to not taking responsibility for your own life, it’s time for you to take your power back! Holding on to your Cindarela identity will bring you more of what you have right now, more lack and more struggle! You can’t continue living from a lack and struggle mentality and expect different results!  You can thank your Cindarela version for having helped you to survive until now and put your diamond tiara on! More practically said, act from the place of a Queen in every situation, be it love, money, relationships, boundaries, energy, frequency and your career or life mission, etc. Ask her for advice and act upon her high frequency guidance! 

Because every spiritual deeply wounded Cindarela of this world deserves abundance at all levels ! 

Bianca aka Mystical Queen Goddess!

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How to shift into a new identity

How to shift your old self into a new identity! 

We identify ourselves to old versions of us that no longer serve us. Its so sad that so many of us end up living all our lives from an identity that is no longer needed…and that was created very long ago since our childhood…

If we identify ourselves as not being worthy of love, we will attract partners that treat us to feel not worthy of love. We also act from a place of not being worthy which attracts to us the love partners that will make that belief about ourselves, even stronger.

If we identify ourselves as someone whom is not good with money, we will take decisions that are not good for our financial situation. This will bring forth more situations that will make us feel not good when it comes to dealing with money.

If you identity yourself as a smoker, you will have trouble getting rid of the habit of smoking! 

And this goes for any area of your life, it could be the way you eat, the way you sabotage yourself, it’s all related to the identity you have about yourself. We always try to keep that identity true for ourselves so that our ego doesn’t panic for losing control! 

This continuous loop of identifying ourselves to a certain identity, taking actions from that place and continuing having the same results make the belief around that identity stronger with years making our life proof that our belief around whom we thaught we were was indeed true!

Nothing can be more false.

We become whom we want to become and if our intention is to become a new self, we have the power within us to make it reality.

You just need to know how and also realize that you can not become a new you if you continue holding on to the identity you have created for yourself. The key is to imprint that new identity on your subconscious mind that is influencing 95% of your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Here are easy processes to doing that:

1.      Be grateful for the old you that helped you survive whenever you needed to survive. She is the one to whom you owe being alive today and still continuing on your path in spite of all the hard things you went through. Be at peace that dying to your old self doesn’t mean that you are losing something. Choose the perspective that by letting her go, you are opening yourself to gain something instead of losing something. By realizing that you are opening new doors and opportunities for you when letting the old version of you go, you’ll be able to let her go more easily.

2.      Imprint your new identity in your subconscious mind by implementing most of these practices if you can (the more, the merrier):

  • Each day, as soon as you wake up, say affirmations in your mind that speak about the new identity you want to create, example: I am a woman that manages well her money
  • Remove from your environment anything that reminds you of your old self and makes you feel stuck in the old self (example: get rid of that old bag that reminds you that you were so broke in the past and get a new one if you can)
  • Remove from your environment anything that will not help your new habits example: playstation if you want to be more productive if your playstation keeps you stuck in your old habits
  • Do a Youtube meditation that puts you in a very relaxed state and create new beliefs and a new identity in your mind to imprint them in your subconscious mind to make a powerful shift of identity, during which you say things to yourself that are part of that new identity you wish for yourself. You can say affirmations and simply talk to yourself to tell yourself a new story: the new you that is taking charge!
  • When in doubt about how the new you would think, feel and behave, ask your inner Queen for advice (your Queen archetype always has the right answer!)

3.     Continue observing the new you that is thinking, feeling and acting differently and remind yourself each day whom you have become to make that new identity take roots even more!

Any questions? Share them below! 

Happy shifting!  

Bianca aka Mystical Queen Goddess

Why intuition is your best-kept secret and 10 ways to access it

We are all born with intuition while some of us have this gift more developed than others. Unfortunately, we have been brought up in toxic families where intuition was frowned upon and ridiculed while your rational mind was encouraged and put above intuition. This probably did two things to you:

1) rob you of your divine gift of being connected to the universal intelligence that knows everything and is therefore the best tool to guide you through your life and;

2) rob your of your peace and feeling of safety. When you know that the universe has your back and is always protecting you by sending you intuitive nudges and guidance, you would not be as fearful as you were brought up to be.

It is time to take your power back and clear the channel within which your intuition travels to you! By working on releasing any energetic blockage like an emotional wound or a negative (limiting belief) you remove all obstacles that block intuition from coming freely to you.

Here are some 10 ways to access your intuition but keep in mind that working on your healing is the ultimate tool to access your intuition to a completely another level! When you feel that your intuition is not very clear for a certain problem, it means there is a blockage there and it’s time for you to take out the emotional garbage out, get your journal out and release any emotions that will come up for you as well as identifying your limiting beliefs and transforming them – see Tip 3 below for more information! 

Tip 1: taking a hot shower – this will help you to wind down, calm your mind and have access to your intuition. You can access a more relaxing state by putting on some relaxing music, use some lavender shower gel, sit down and close your eyes while letting the water ripple on you. 

Tip 2: when you are conflicted as to what decision to take in a difficult situation, you can use oracle or tarot cards. There are also apps if you don’t own tarot cards like the Rider White Tarot app which I use and I love! Tarot cards are connected to the energy of your higher self so it will give you details that you are not consciously aware of. If you don’t know the meaning of a tarot card, you can google it, there are many sites that give the full explanation. You can also add some oracle cards to give more insight, for some extra details.

Tip 3: when you are going through a difficult situation, take a note pad and write everything down, your emotions, your feelings, scribble if you want to get out that toxic energy and get access to your intuition. Don’t let your rational mind stop you and don’t judge what you are expressing. Limiting beliefs will come up as well! It’s difficult to access your intuition if you have difficult emotions, they will act as a dark shadow on your inner gut feeling. Personally, the more I healed my own stuff, the more I got access to my intuition. As a little girl, I didn’t learn to trust my inner gut, I was often in my head and not in contact with my body signals because I didn’t trust myself. Healing has has helped me to clear my intuition channel so much!

Tip 4: you can also search for a theta wave meditation on Youtube. This will put you in a relaxed state of mind and when your brain is in theta waves, you can ask your higher self or the universe for guidance. It is powerful, I use it myself when I need more precise information. 

Tip 5: learn to trust your gut feeling . You’ve seen that each time you don’t listen to it, something bad happens. The more you trust it, the easier it will be for you to access it, just shut that inner critic down and listen to that soft voice inside of you. Your intuition doesn’t give orders, it’s not loud, it doesn’t make you feel guilty like your mind does. Your intuition is soft spoken, that inner gut feeling that wants to save you from troubles and guide you. Trust it and will always gain from it!

Tip 6: do something where you don’t need to think and your rational mind is not engaged like exercising, cleaning or a doing repetitive task (this is what works really well for me!). This will quiet your mind and help you access your intuition with ease. Don’t force it, just focus on the task at hand and by letting go, your intuition will nudge at you.

Tip 7: meditation. I am not a big meditation person, but it is a powerful way to access your intuition! When I meditate, I light a candle, draw an oracle card to meditate on, put soft and calming music on and make myself comfortable. I write a few questions on a peace of paper and connect to the universe and ask my questions and receive answers during my meditation.

Tip 8 : use crystals to access your intuition. Amethyst, sodalite, celestite are 3 easy to find and popular crystals that can help you better access your intuition. Place the crystal of your choice under your pillow, hold it in your hands or meditate with it.

Tip 9: opening your 3rd eye chakra. This will work more in the long term and it takes practice but it’s totally worth it! Close your eyes and visualise your third eye fully opening. Focus on it being open and practice this as often as you can to improve your intuition. You can also ask permission to Master St-Germain to grant you the Violet Ray Flame to cleanse your third eye. You then visualize a violet flame working on your third eye, again this needs practice.

Tip 10 : journal . Jot your thoughts down without censoring or rationalizing. By doing that, you will calm your mind and access your intuition. Write also 5 things you are grateful for your life (nothing fancy, just simple things that you usually take for granted). This will increase your energetical frequency and open your intuition more as well as put you in a great mood for the day!

BONUS Tip 11: to receive high level guidance ask the Queen version of you, what would she do in your situation? This places you in a high vibration point of you (your Queen archetype is always acting from a high level vibration) and guides you out of your usual low vibrational responses that you are used to.

Hope you put intuitive tools in practice and let me know which ones work best for you beautiful soul!

Bianca aka Mystical Queen Goddess

The truth about money energy


Your money story is not your fault. You’ve been led to believe that money is the evil guy in society. You’ve been led to believe that money is scarce, that rich people are evil and selfish, that you could not have more than enough, that money is dirty and the root of all evil in the world.

So let me ask you: how is this mindset around money helping you to create a good life for yourself because with such limiting beliefs around money, you have no choice but to run away from money like you run from the plague! Guess what? Money is always mirroring you so if you are afraid of it, money will run away from you too! 

Instead of painting only the negative image around money (which obviously is not the fault of money but the fault of people that do bad things with the neutral energy of money), why don’t we try to paint the positive image around money and reveal the truth around the frequency of money?

How would it feel to have more money for the education of your children?

How would it feel to have more money in order to eat healthier?

How would it feel to have financial freedom?

How would it feel to be able to help anyone you want to help financially?

How would it feel to be able to renovate your house the way you’ve always wanted?

How would it feel to have enough money that you don’t have to worry  about not having enough money anymore?

The truth is that money is what you make of it. You are ultimately the one that can create a positive story vs a negative story around money because the energy of money is neutral. You are the one giving it its meaning and not the other way around! If you are a good person at your core and you have a good heart, you will do good with your  money. If you are a bad person at your core (which I am guessing you are not!), you will definitely do evil things with money!  But in both cases, you are the one giving money to money and not the other way around so take your power back and give money its innocence! 

Yes, you’ve been manipulated into thinking that money is corrupting people or in reality there are people that have wrong values and that shows up in their life! You’ve been manipulated to think that money is the root of all evil, when the truth is that that there are pure evil people out there that are obsessed with money. Money is not the root of all evil, money is an energy that provides opportunities, possibilities, and the chance to improve your life and the life of the ones that you love and care for. 

But let me ask you something. Aren’t you a woman that has good values and a good heart? Aren’t you a woman that wants the best for others? Aren’t you a woman that wants the best for her kids and her loved ones? Aren’t you a woman that wants to make money contributing to the improvement of our world and to feel fulfilled while making lots of money? So what would you punish yourself out  of the freedom money can provide you because there are pure evil people out there? 

How is it fair for yourself to live in lack as a good person while an evil person lives in financial abundance? Because let’s face it: money doesn’t’ discriminate. Money comes to those whom want and are open to receive it! Money is not racist, not sexist, not homophobe, money just is and you are calling it in with your subconscious beliefs around it and the relationship you have built with money.

The ultimately truth is that you can be:

– Rich and a good person

– Financially free and a generous person

– Have enough money and help the causes and people you want to

– You get to choose whom you want to be and your identity around money

Nobody has to right to choose for you, only you do!

So what do you choose to believe about the energy of money and how do you wish to shift your identity around money? Take you power back and rebuilt your relationship with money so that money treats you the way you want to be treated!

Bianca aka Mystical Queen Goddess


Have you suffered from invisible abuse?

Today, I wanted to talk to you about invisible-to-the-eye childhood neglect (invisible abuse) and how you might still be affected by it without you even knowing it….
Abuse comes in many ways you know… It can be physical, emotional, mental, se$ual…
Abuse is not only related to what the eye can see but also to what the eye can’t see….
If you needed affection in your childhood but you were given crumbs, if you needed to be cuddled but you were pushed away, if you needed someone to listen to you but you were not heard or listened to, if you were emotional and you were judged for it, all of this is abuse!
All of these types of neglect will have a big impact on your mindset because a child needs to make reason of why she is judged, rejected, critiqued, ignored or pushed away when it comes to her own needs. By mindset, I mean the way you think about yourself and the world that surrounds you.
In order to survive, a child will often put the fault on herself because how can she feel safe if she realizes that her parents are limited in the way that they are taking care of her?
In some situations, how can a child survive realizing that her parents love her with conditions or that they are not fit to be responsible and loving parents?
By consequence, the child will buy beliefs about herself that she is not enough, that there is something wrong about her, that she is not important and that her feelings and needs are not important. Is that you?
That little girl will eventually shut off parts of herself and only let people see what she thinks is acceptable and lovable about her.
She will internalize that she is safe and accepted only when she shows sides of herself that are acceptable and do not bear the risk of her being judged, critiqued or ridiculed.
Invisible abuse will have an impact on her at various levels, here are some of them, do you relate?
1. Hiding parts of yourself to the world takes energy and you will often feel lethargic or have low energy.
2. You don’t feel free, you feel that you have to wear a mask. By wearing a mask, you feel safe and accepted.
3. You are not able to use your full potential in order to succeed in your life. You only have access to a few of the facets of your inner diamond and are not able to shine fully or use all of your talents and gifts.
4. You haven’t learned to give importance to your needs. You have learned to put others first and you will often end up being resentful when others are not doing the same for you.
5. You haven’t learned to deal with your emotions, often resulting in you using food, alcohol, drugs or coping with other addictive behaviors in order to numb your pain and cope.
6. As a result of having shut off your feelings because there was no safe place for you to express them, you will have trapped emotions in your body. You can have anger, sadness, guilt, shame, resentment, humiliation, and all of these low vibrational emotions will keep your vibration low. A low vibration will attract to you situations and people that vibrate at the same level, which means that you will be stuck at attracting to you the same difficult experiences over and over again.
7. You feel trapped, stuck and frustrated that you can’t seem to attract to you what you really want because you keep experiencing the same situation over and over.
8. You will experience relationships where you will feel exactly like in your childhood: not important, not valued, not prioritized, not enough, nor loved unconditionally.
9. You will have limiting and negative beliefs about you that will keep you stuck in sabotaging behaviors and patterns that don’t bring you the happiness that you are desperately looking for.
10. You will not feel worthy of receiving because you have learned that your needs are not important. Therefore, any attempt by others to give you something (be it a gift or love or attention) will be brushed off and rejected or replaced with you offering them something in return because you don’t feel worthy of receiving.
11. You have trouble being seen vulnerable, so you will hide your true self behind a mask of being ok with almost everything.

The biggest impact of invisible abuse is that you will either learn to not need anything from anyone or desperately try to find someone to fulfill your needs. Either way, you will end up being unsatisfied because nobody is responsible to fulfill all your needs and cutting yourself from what others can bring you, will keep you living in lack.

So have the courage today to ask yourself: what invisible abuse have I gone through in my childhood? This is the 1st step to bring awareness on what needs healing and transformation in your life.

Bianca (aka Mystical Queen Goddess)

Whom are you truly?

Whom are you truly?

You have come into this world with a white canvas. Then people, society, your educators, your caretakers have painted their own colors on your canvas and you’ve accepted these colors as if they were your own.

It’s rare that we question if the way we behave and the way we think is truly reflecting our own values, our own beliefs around how our life should be lived, our own personality, our own wishes and desires…but if we started to do that…we would soon realize that we are a product of massive society white sheep culture. What is white sheep culture? It’s everybody wanting to fit in, to have the same beliefs as others, to behave in a way that is acceptable by society, to not rock the boat, to be manipulated into staying small, silent, conform and just survive.

We were trained to go to school where we are forced to learn the same things as others, mostly things that we were not even interested in. It’s not encouraged to have an opinion, to think in an original and out of the box way and if you have a different type of intelligence as the rational intelligence you are considered stupid. In fact, school was made only for the rational type intelligence and they are still missing the point into taking into consideration that there are all kinds of types of intelligence, the ones that are good in making and building things, the ones that have emotional intelligence, the ones that have beauty and creative intelligence and many more.

Then, when we are done with school and we want to choose a career training, we have limited choices that don’t even fit our particular talents and gifts and our life mission.

We finally end up into 9 to 5 jobs where we sell our soul and we don’t really fit in. You have a sensitive soul that has empathy and compassion. You don’t belong in a cold and rigid office where the only freedom you have is in your lunch hour.

And to top it all off, most of you come from abusive and narcissistic families where emotional and physical abuse was current currency. Where you are thought to stay small, submissive, to put everybody’s needs before your own, to not have your own ideas and values, to not rebel or question anything. Basically, you are crushed before being able to make your caretakers feel less than. Because the truth is that deep inside, they have a low self-esteem and self-worth (being themselves the product of toxic families) and they need to keep you small in order for them to feel safe and secure within themselves.

In a family where there was no emotional support, you were trained to not feel emotions, to feel ashamed around having emotions so you’ve learned to shut off anything that feels too intense. You don’t allow yourself to feel, therefore you are in your head most of the time. If you express how you feel, you are even labeled mentally ill because society thinks that we should be like robots or only feel feelings that are perceived as acceptable feelings like joy. Being angry, upset, sad, depressed is considered taboo and we forget that having a wide range of emotions is completely normal. It’s called being an emotional human being because we were created to have emotions.

Being abused and needing to survive as a child, you start having all these erroneous ideas about yourself because putting the fault on your caretakers would make you feel unsafe and unsecure in a world where you depend on others. You start believing that you are not enough, not worthy of being loved, that you are weird, not worthy of being happy and having what you want.

You end up filled up with all these emotions that were not expressed and that end up taxing your body out of energy and health, full with wrong ideas about yourself and society in general because of the way you interpreted your past experiences and you end up anxious because you get triggered to feel whatever wants to come up for you to feel that could not be expressed in your childhood. You are always trying to understand what is unjust in your life instead of just feeling what is there for you to feel.. But trying to understand with your head will only bring you migraines and confusion.

The true path of finding yourself is in FEELING YOUR EMOTIONS and accepting what ever is there for you to feel. Emotions (energy in motion) are the roadmap to your true and authentic self that had to survive and hide her true authentic self. They are the small pebbles on the road that will bring back home, where your true self resides.

By consequence of not questioning whom you truly are, you end up being a puppet on strings because your beliefs drive your thoughts, your thoughts drive your emotions and your emotions drive your actions and behavioral patterns. Which means that in turn, you will end up REPEATING ON REPLAY, the same lack experiences you’ve been having in your childhood. You keep attracting people that love you with conditions, that make you feel not important, not valuable nor a priority. You end up having experiences of lack with money because you have learned to put all these negative labels on money so you end up creating a frustrating and unhealthy relationship with money.

You might even end up saving others to make yourself feel better about yourself or to give yourself a sense of security that you will not end up being rejected or abandoned. You continue to put yourself last, to be a people pleaser and to often give but have trouble receiving back.

But then, you see others manifesting the shit you’ve always wanted and you start to ask yourself: what is wrong with me? Why can’t I have the same opportunities and love that others have? Why others seem to have everything they wished for and I am still stuck in lack of love, of money, of happiness and peace? What am I doing wrong? What is wrong with me???

You start comparing yourself making yourself feel less worthy, less deserving or not good enough…

I am going to tell you what is wrong!

There is nothing wrong with you beautiful soul!

You’ve been programmed into being someone whom you are not, that is the simple and beautiful truth.

You were taught to compare yourself with others and not live from your unique personality…

You were taught that you should settle for an ordinary life…and feel guilty for wanting more…

You were taught to think in a rational manner and not use your intuition and emotional roadmap to find your authentic road in life…

You were taught that life is hard and painful…but nobody taught you about the magic of the universe, about the power of your mind, about your creative power and the miracle of manifestation and your birth right to abundance at all levels!

Today, you can realize that you are not whom you were taught to be….that there is so much more depth and layers to whom you are…that you are not your limited beliefs and negative thoughts…that there is a whole universe inside you waiting to be discovered…

Once you start discovering yourself, you will realize that there is more to you than what you were taught to believe…

Only if you have the courage to look within and question everything about whom you are today…

Your beliefs…

Your power…

Your potential…

Your feminine energy…

The unconditional love that already resides in your heart…

The potential of your creativity and gifts…

You are limitless potential…if you would start your self-discovery…you would discover a new inner world that would one day transform your outer world to reflect like a mirror the true and authentic and powerful you beautiful soul…because everything is a mirror.

Your outer life is a mirror of your inner life and as long as you keep being a product of society and white sheep culture, you will keep having a life that is not suited to what you are worthy of…

You deserve to have it all! Abundance is your birth right! But it starts with finding your way back home…

Bianca (aka Mystical Queen Goddess)

Do you have one of these common negative money beliefs?

Do you have these negative money beliefs?

Today, I will talk to you about the 10 most common money beliefs that might wreak havoc in your financials…I encourage you to challenge these limiting beliefs that might be in your subconscious mind without you even being aware of them…

When I was younger, I use to empty my bank account as soon as the pay would come in because I had this belief that there was never enough money. Subconsciously, I was creating the same pattern of not having enough money that came from my childhood. There were often fights around money in my family and moments where our fridge would be almost empty so that scarcity mindset around money was imprinted at a young age in my mind. I had to uncover and destroy the negative beliefs I had around money and plant new positive beliefs with the method I created “Transformation 360” but you can program your mind as soon as you wake up and just before falling asleep by repeating new positive money beliefs.

So here are the most common negative money beliefs:

1. More money, more problems

More money will not create more problems unless you don’t prepare yourself to deal with bigger amounts of money coming into your life. If you are a entrepreneur working from home for example, and you don’t put money away to pay your taxes, than yes, you could run into money problems. But today, you have all the information you need on Internet or from books to learn how to better manage your money as an entrepreneur. So if you earn more money and you are diligent towards learning how to deal with bigger amounts of money, it actually can help you to help others more or to have the lifestyle you’ve been wanting to have.

2. Money is the source of all evil

Money is not evil, people are evil so we have to separate the two because it’s not fair that money is getting a bad reputation because there are some people in the world that are pure evil. What about you that has a beautiful soul and only have good intentions around money? Why punish yourself and deprive yourself of the benefits that more money could bring into your life?

3. Money will make me a bad person

Money will not make you a bad person but it will show whom you truly are. When people are bad and evil, money will just reveal whom they truly are at their core. But you aren’t bad nor evil, so why should you rob yourself out of having more money in your life? You can do plenty of good things with money: get more education, help your family or causes close to your heart, fix things around your home, offer a better life to your children, etc. There are many positive ways in which you can deal with your money.

4. If I ignore my money situation, my money problems will go away

If you hide your head into the sand, your money situation will get worse. I encourage you to check your bank account daily to see what comes in and what goes out. The more familiar you get with your spending habits, the more you’ll be able to correct anything that needs to be corrected. There are so many scams going around these days trying to lure you into getting your credit card information that you have to pay attention each day with what happens to your bank account. A great tip I can give is to never use the same password for more than one app or bank account, as when you get robbed of your password, the scammers will try the same password with all other apps you might use like Paypal for example.

I got scammed a few weeks ago and they almost emptied my bank account in a few days, it really traumatized me, I was lucky enough that I found out in due time in order to repair what was done. Fortunately, I got reimbursed every penny I had lost but this is not guaranteed so be very mindful where you click on a link sent from text messages or emails, as today’s scammers are true professionals into making you believe your are clicking on a safe link!

5. Wanting more money would be selfish of me

Wanting more money is to want to have a better life because we have came into this earth plane to live in abundance not lack. If you would have more money you could be more generous with other people, so how is that selfish? How is that selfish of offering the best life to yourself and to the people you love and care about? Don’t you see that this is just society’s way of trying to keep you small and in lack? Especially when you have worked for your money, you are deserving and worthy of having more money!

I am personally against (personal opinion) of wanting to manifest money with the lotto, nothing wrong with that, but I want you to learn to manifest money by doing what you love. How much fulfilment would you have earning money by expressing your talents and gifts into this world?

6. Money creates problems in relationships

Money doesn’t create problems but negative beliefs around money create problems in relationships as well as not accepting the other views of people around money whom treat money in a different way than you. Some people are very careful with money and like to spend the least possible and others are very easygoing with money and spend money often. If two partners with different views on managing their money get together, this can bring conflicts if there is not respect of the other’s way of dealing with his/her money in the relationship.
Working on your money beliefs will help you remove the stress you have when it comes to money and have a better and more relaxed attitude around money as well!

7. I can’t bring up the topic of money in my relationship

If you are afraid of talking about money with your partner, you will end up frustrated and resentful. Even if a discussion around money can bring conflict, it’s better to pick a fight but work diligently on arriving at an understanding so that both partners feel understood and heard. How can each of you make a compromise to arrive at an understanding that is more acceptable for each one of you?

8. Money is dirty

Money is not dirty, money is used for dirty deeds. Money is a neutral tool, simply energy. What you do with it determines the outcome of how money will be used: for good or for bad. You can do good with money as you can do bad deeds, it’s all in your free will. I know beautiful soul that you would only do good things with money so stop putting this negative label on money so that you get your freedom back when it comes to the way you view money in your life.

Don’t put other people’s negative labels on money, bring back the innocence of the neutral energy that represents money!

9. I should not focus on money, because it’s not spiritual

How is it spiritual to want to help someone financially but not being able to? How is it spiritual that you want to pay for your child’s education but you are not able to? How is it spiritual that you want to have a more comfortable life but you are not able to? How spiritual is that you want to feel safe and secure when it comes to you money but you end up stressing over your money situation?

Money is a tool to help you survive and thrive on this 3D earth plane. You are not living in a spiritual plane where money is not necessary so give money its power back and let it improve your life!

10. I need a man to take care of me financially

You don’t need a man to take care of you because you have your full bodily functions and you have a brain. You are capable of sustaining yourself and you are a powerful manifestor! Letting a man take care of you is like telling him in a indirect way that you are less than him (unless of course you have kids and you decide to be a stay home mom – completely different scenario). Take your power back beautiful future queen and be independent, you were not created to depend on a man!

If there is an understanding between a man and woman to support her while she’s trying to have a business endeavor for herself, that is totally healthy but a woman that thinks she needs a man to supports her while she does nothing with her life, it’s a total loss of talent, gifts and abilities that a women possesses!

To conclude, the better relationship you have with money, the better and healthy your bank account will be, so start working on that relationship towards money if you want money to take care of you! Treat money like it is your best friend and soon money will start treating you likewise! Let today be the day when you decide that money will become your best friend so that it supports you in the future!

Bianca aka Mystical Queen Goddess

Because every deeply wounded woman deserves abundance at all levels!

Are you afraid of being abandoned?

The fear of being abandoned

So we are born into this world dependent on the adults that are responsible of us. We place our faith and trust into our caretakers and parents. We love them unconditionally as children and we expect the same in return.

But the attachment we so deeply long for doesn’t always happen in the most ideal way. If there is fear involved, abuse of any kind, negligence, addiction, no emotional support, or a role exchange (the parent becomes the child and the child becomes the parent) the child will have difficulty forming a safe emotional bond with her caretakers/parents.

Later on in her life, the girl will grow up to be an woman that is fearful in her relationships because she hasn’t learned to form an intimate and safe emotional bond with the people that were her primary caretakers which in turn, has resulted in her not trusting or loving herself enough to feel safe within her. She is still craving that feeling of having an intimate emotional connection to another person. So all her life, this woman will search for a man to make her feel secure and to reassure her and will have trouble making herself feel secure within herself in relationship with others.

In order to not feel the fear of being abandoned, a woman with abandonment issues will learn to abandon herself first in order for others not to abandon her. Personally, I had trouble saying how I truly felt, I had the tendency of always saying yes to other people, to put myself last, to people please and to not truly be myself but rather be someone whom I thought would deserve love and affection…bringing me more disappointment and loss of self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence and ultimately loss of identity. I was a true chameleon, and I didn’t know whom I truly was because I was so busy trying to be someone else.

I used to be so fearful of being abandoned in my love relationships that I would reject my partner before he could reject me. I was not able to be vulnerable and to show my true feelings and emotions in a relationship because I didn’t trust that I would be safe in being vulnerable. I had to learn that it was ok for me to cry in front of a partner even if that partner would not be able to have empathy for me. The important thing that I realized is that I had to become a loving mother for my inner child and not have expectations from others to reassure or comfort me. I was the only responsible of my feelings and emotions and I had to learn to become a loving mother to inner child.

There was a certain relationship breakup at a moment in my life where I had so much abandonment pain from the past waking up in me, that I had become obsessed at getting that partner back in my life. I did everything in the book: manipulating him, threatening him, letting him use me, not respecting myself and losing myself in all that mess. All out of a desperate attempt to not feel my childhood abandonment pain. I had to learn to cut the cord with my ex, to let him go, to feel whatever I had to feel without grabbing him as an escape from feeling my own emotional pain and grief.

For a woman that is afraid of being abandoned (emotionally or physically), when her partner is not able to reassure her and make her feel that she is important to him, all her insecurity from the past will resurface. She will cry, she will beg, she will make treats and try to manipulate him into making him behave the way that will bring her a sense of security.

This was me and I had to really work on releasing my abandoning emotional wound so that I would not need external validation or reassurance anymore. Accepting to release my grief and sadness when it came to my abandonment issues, was an important step in my healing process. During that time, I had therapy sessions, I did journaling but true healing came from transforming my subconscious negative beliefs I had about myself : that I was not worthy of love, that I was not enough, that I was not lovable, etc., etc.

The fear of abandonment has its roots in the emotional and intimate bond that the child has created with her parents or caretakers making her susceptible to attracting to her, relationships where she will make desperate attempts to be reassured that she will not be abandoned.

When a love partner would go out with friends, I would become worried, would feel bored and would not know what to do with myself. I would call him repeatedly and ask him to come back home and end up suffocating and invading him…I didn’t know how to respect his boundaries as I didn’t had any awareness of mine…I had to learn to find ways to keep myself busy in his absence and I soon found out that I could have a lot of fun being by myself and attending to things that were interesting to me. I had to learn to love spending time with myself and reparent myself by comforting myself in need.

I hope this article brings you comfort that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Bianca (aka Mystical Queen Goddess)

Because every deeply wounded woman deserves abundance at all levels!

How to get in touch with your authentic self and regain your full self back

How to get in touch with your authentic self and regain your full self back
You have probably lost contact with facets of yourself along your life. Why does that happen?
In starts in our childhood when we don’t feel accepted fully for whom we truly are and our need to be loved and appreciated pushes us to lower the volume on the characteristics that we have learned to not love about ourselves and push up the volume on characteristics of ourselves that get noticed or that help us get the love and attention we so crave.
With time, we forget that we are not dependent anymore on other people’s love and appreciation and we stay the same version that we have learned to fabricate and we wear a mask that we don’t recognize as a mask anymore…we end up believing that our mask represents whom we truly are. We perceive ourselves to be that fake version of ourselves that we have created out of a need for survival.
I am talking from experience. My mask was well fixed and I had a very misled perception of myself. I had to peel off all the layers of my fake self to recover my full authentic self. This is how I started feeling more at peace, more complete, less confused and empty, more confident and happy.
But I believe you don’t need to wear your mask anymore because you don’t need anybody’s approval anymore. Today, you are free to be fully yourself, the sensitive, loud, communicative, creative, crazy, funny, fun-loving, living life at its fullest, or what that might mean for you!
So how do you recuperate those parts of you that you have learned to hide and be ashamed of? Well it starts with digging up the dirt! Yes, dirt! Your beautiful facets that are waiting for you to uncover them are pushed down by false beliefs and stuck emotions that you could not express when you learned to hide your authentic self.
Get out your journal and think about the situations that you experience in your relationships and that are not satisfactory to you. Write your emotions, don’t judge what is coming up, just express to release, feel whatever emotions is coming up for you. Be a present mother figure for your inner child that wishes to express herself without being humiliated, judged, ridiculed, not being given the right to be whom she is or abused verbally or physically. Just in this short time that you are journaling, be a loving authority figure for that little girl in you that needs your love and approval.
There might be shame, anger, resentment, fear and lots of sadness that are piled on your lost facets of your inner diamond. And between those layers of emotions, there are negative beliefs like:
I am not enough
I am weird
Whom I am is not acceptable
I am not smart enough
I am not what others want me to be
I have to be someone else to be accepted and loved
This non appetizing cake of emotions and beliefs needs to be consumed in order for you to get to the bottom of things and the biggest gift lies in you recuperating that parts of yourself that scream to be heard…to be loved….to be accepted…to be reunited with you….would you let it ?
The magic of letting everything come up to the light is that these forgotten parts of yourself will come back to life naturally because you had made the way for them to be released and freed. That is the magic of healing!
Right now, your journal is your best friend, use it and it will bring you back your most authentic self if you do the required work. What do you have to lose? You only have to win lost parts of yourself!
With love
Bianca (Mystical Queen Goddess)
Because every deeply wounded spiritual woman deserves abundance at all levels!