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Go from single, lonely, heartbroken, discouraged, sad and confused
to attracting and keeping your true love soulmate in your life
for a happy, lasting, fulfilling, healthy and deeply connected relationship
without having to follow rules, tactics, formulas, play head games, manipulate,
be the perfect woman or hide your true self, in 15 weeks or less!

How to attract and keep your true love soulmate?

Let me tell you about THIS BIG FAT LIE that is circulating in the love coaching industry and that is coming from love coaches that aren’t in a love relationship themselves!

I am sorry, but you have been led to believe that in order to attract love in your life, you need to follow rules, manipulate men, concentrate on what they want and their needs and forget about your own, behave in a certain way (that is not natural to you), be someone that you are not (because whom you are is wrong or not enough !? – UGH!!!!), learn sentences by heart in order to know how to respond to men (good luck looking into your phone notes when you don’t know how to answer him and he is sitting just in front of you – keep that smile girl and look natural while you are at it! No, I am not laughing at you, I am laughing with you)! 

This is ridiculous, upsetting, wrong and is destroying women’s confidence in themselves and hope that true love exists! You are already perfect as you are, you just need to learn how to be fully yourself by accepting and loving yourself exactly how you are! There is nothing wrong with you sweetheart! 

It’s time to put an end to this big fat lie circulating in the love industry and finally let you in on the real truth behind your lack of success in the love department! If rules, formulas and cookie cutter methods worked, you would already be in a happy and lasting relationship! But you are a unique women with unique needs and a unique story and you need a PERSONALIZED AND DEEP TRANSFORMING approach! 

Today’s most popular love gurus’ advice is quite superficial and doesn’t focus on the real obstacles to true love like:

 – emotional wounds (past abandonment and rejection);

– negative limiting beliefs that make you feel unworthy, not valuable and not enough;

– attachment styles that keep you stuck in that little girl energy that is chasing after love;

– self-sabotaging behavioral patterns that make men treat you badly (abusive or toxic) and not want to be with or commit to you;

– unbalanced feminine and masculine energies that repel men instead of attracting them;

– lack of self-love and self-worth that make you continuously attract the wrong type of partners: men that give you crumbs, that reject and ghost you, that don’t make you feel important nor loved, men that aren’t faithful nor committed to you, men that break your heart and disappoint you, that are emotionally unavailable or immature – I think you get the point!! Men that don’t truly deserve you sweetheart! 

By not focusing on the real blockages that keep you stuck, today’s love gurus are missing the point in helping you attract true love in your life and feed you formulas, rules, tricks and manipulation tactics that keep you stuck, lonely and frustrated! 

Because an approach that REALLY WORKS should be focused on :

– transforming your emotional wounds (abandonment, rejection, emotional or physical abuse) and getting in contact with your repressed emotional needs that need to be satisfied;

– transforming your inner negative limiting beliefs that keep you stuck on a low vibrational energy and make you attract disappointing men;

– transforming your attachment style that keeps you stuck in anxiety, turmoil and co-dependency;

–  stopping your self-sabotaging patterns in order to become your best friend and stop tolerating men that don’t treat you right;

– getting back into your FEMININE ENERGY in order to become irresistible to your true love soulmate whom doesn’t want anything more than TO LOVE YOU, CHERISH YOU AND COMMIT TO YOU;

– learn how to LOVE AND ACCEPT yourself fully in order to attract a partner that loves you without conditions and makes you feel SECURE, IMPORTANT, SHOWERED WITH LOVE AND AFFECTION, ADORED, SUPPORTED AND UPLIFTED! 

This is the true solution to ATTRACTING AND KEEPING a TRUE LOVE SOULMATE in your life!  

Maybe you have been in therapy, have worked with a love coach, bought a cookie cutter on-line program, read blogs and books about love and relationships, watched self-help videos and tried everything and anything under the sun, but you are still single and IT’S BEEN YEARS NOW!


Even if TRADITIONAL therapy can help you with talking about your problems and giving you temporary but superficial solutions, it doesn’t help you get unstuck: because it doesn’t transforms you deeply and permanently! 

Also, your MINDSET CONTROLS 90% OF YOUR BEHAVIOUR! You can spend YEARS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in therapy and still be stuck in love because TRADITIONAL therapy doesn’t transform your mindset! If you have negative limiting beliefs about yourself, you will limit yourself from attracting what you wish for! 

The REAL SOLUTION is based on DEEP & TRANSFORMATIVE INNER WORK that is fundamental to your inner transformation and that will empower you to become a HIGH-VALUE WOMAN that inherently knows and feels that she is worthy of attracting the BEST IN LIFE as well as her True Love Soulmate! 

Deep inner work will touch and transform all areas of your life because WHEN YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE THE BEST, YOU ATTRACT THE BEST!

And now that I have revealed to you the REAL TRUTH behind you still being single, it’s time that I will let you in on another SECRET:

There is a much simpler, faster and uncomplicated way of getting true love in your life and you DON’T NEED YEARS to get there! 

You can get there in 15 WEEKS OR LESS! Why? Because when you work on a deep and profound level, everything transforms and changes! Since your mindset controls 90 % of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours, when you work at that level, everything changes and you become a NEW WOMAN: you become YOUR BEST FRIEND, you ACCEPT AND LOVE yourself fully and you end up attracting YOUR TRUE LOVE SOULMATE (your inner life gets expressed in your outer life like a mirror reflection – THIS IS MANIFESTATION AT ITS BEST!):

IMAGINE yourself: 

– being pursued consistently by your soulmate, without you having to do any of the work;

– spending your evenings in the arms of your beloved while he holds you tight and tells you he loves you;

– feeling a deep emotional and intimate connection with him because you both share a heart to heart connection;

– being comfortable being you 100% because you know he loves and accepts you unconditionally;

– having your beloved support you in the realization of your dreams and objectives because he is your best friend and cheerleader;

– experiencing playfulness and joy in your relationship;

– being showered with love and affection, more than you ever experienced in your whole life! I mean mind blowing love!

– feeling totally secure and trusting your beloved because he proves each day that he is trustworthy; 

– being with someone that completes you and makes you feel safe; 

–  experiencing a truly beneficial relationship for the first time in your life because he provides you with exactly what you have missed in your childhood: the love, safety, adoration, importance and affection you are still craving so much today! 

All this is possible for you but let me first introduce myself! 

For so long I can remember, I lacked self-esteem and self-love, I was very anxious, I was feeling worthless and was very insecure and shy. I grew up thinking that I didn’t deserve to be loved, that something was wrong with me, that I wasn’t valuable, enough nor important and I was crippled with shame, guilt, depression and anger.

I was attracting men in my life that weren’t emotionally available, were unfaithful, very self-centered and I was constantly afraid of being rejected or abandoned by them. 

 I had trouble being my true self and I was centered on pleasing them instead of affirming my own wants and needs. I was stuck in a cycle of repeating toxic and self-sabotaging patterns and I didn’t understand why I had so much trouble finding true unconditional love.  

I was seeing these women that had no trouble attracting healthy and happy relationships and struggled to understand why I had failed in love. What was wrong with me??  

I had no idea that my negative limiting beliefs as well as my deep emotional wounds, self-sabotaging and toxic patterns and behaviours, overpowering masculine energy, trauma and accumulated feelings of abandonment and rejection were keeping me from attracting a partner that was ready to be emotionally available with me as well as offer me EMOTIONAL SECURITY, DEEP AFFECTION AND TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 

I worked a lot in order to transform myself in my 3-year training as a counseling therapist and when I transformed my negative limiting beliefs with MY UNIQUE and NEW TRANSFORMATION 360 method, my life started to change as I started to change from the inside out. 

Today, I am in a relationship with my TRUE LOVE SOULMATE where I receive an ABUNDANCE OF LOVE AND AFFECTION and in which I share a DEEP and SECURE emotional connection and feel SUPPORTED, ENCOURAGED AND UPLIFTED! I call him MY BIG HEART ON TWO LEGS because I never have experienced such an abundance of love, security and affection in my life!

This is why I made it MY LIFE MISSION to help single women that feel STUCK IN LOVE or HEARTBROKEN, fall in love with themselves first by doing DEEP and TRANSFORMATIVE inner work and attract and keep their TRUE LOVE SOULMATE, even if they tried everything and failed at it, without spending years in therapy. They are the ones that DESERVE LOVE the most! 

If my story resonates with you and you are at a moment in life when you feel ready to receive help with attracting and keeping your ULTIME TRUE LOVE SOULMATE in 15 weeks or less, you can book a free discovery call below: 


– attracting men that are FLAKY and don’t commit to you;

– accepting CRUMBS;

– being treated as not important, nor as a priority;

– being HEARTBROKEN and disappointed;

– attracting men that are SELFISH and self-centered;

– attracting men that are toxic and abusive (physically or emotionally or both)

– attracting men that are emotionally UNAVAILABLE or immature;

– having men GHOST or reject you;

– WASTING PRECIOUS YEARS feeling lonely and alone;

– seeing other women have healthy and happy relationships AND NOT YOU;


I have put together a mentoring and counseling therapy package of 10 one-on-one weekly sessions (1 hour and half each session) to help you ATTRACT and KEEP your ULTIMATE TRUE LOVE SOULMATE!

This offer IS FOR YOU if :

  – you want a DEEP and TRANSFORMATIVE SOLUTION in 10 weeks;

– you are 100% motivated and ready to attract your TRUE LOVE SOULMATE in your life;

– you feel excited and can’t wait to start the program;

– you are done with the SINGLE LIFE and are ready for TRUE LOVE;

– you are coachable and ready to do the INNER WORK required;

– you are ready to invest at least 1 hour and half per week to work with me;

– you believe in something greater than us that is behind the creation of the Universe (no need to be religious, but being spiritual will help);

– you have no trouble imagining and visualising.

This offer IS NOT for you if:

– you don’t mind being by yourself for a few more years;

– you don’t believe that your true love soulmate exists;

– you are curious about the program but not that excited about it;

– you are not really motivated to finding true love;

– you don’t have time to invest in yourself;

– you are not coachable;

– you are not open to NEW WAYS of doing inner work;

– you have trouble imagining and visualising.


This is what is included in my NEW, EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE offer:

(since I only work ONE-ON-ONE for the time being, you will get to experience the sessions EXCLUSIVELY with me (all my attention will be on you and you get to ask me all the questions you want without having to share your allotted time with other members) and I will personalize the experience to your own unique story BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE A UNIQUE STORY):

Session 1 – We will work on getting you back in contact with the two parts of yourself that will help you BECOME IRRESISTIBLE to men instead of repelling them! This should be so natural to you but because of the way, we women have been raised, you are disconnected from them.  

Session 2 – We will work on getting you feel WORTHY of TRUE SOULMATE LOVE and ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES by transforming your limiting beliefs within seconds (not hours, days, weeks, months or years!) with my UNIQUE and NEW Transformation 360 method that is REVOLUTIONARY)!

Session 3 – We will work on discovering all the facets of your INNER DIAMOND so that you get to shine bright and make your beloved BE MESMERIZED by you! With this powerful exercise, you will discover your true potential within a few minutes! 

Session 4 – We will work on getting you to transform the one thing in your life that will get your TRUE LOVE SOULMATE to be INSTANTLY ATTRACTED TO YOU and PURSUE YOU CONSISTENTLY without you having to do any of the work!  

Session 5 – I will teach you how to communicate with your beloved so that you build a SOLID CONNECTION and DEEP EMOTIONAL INTIMACY with him for a strong UNBREAKABLE BOND. This will make him want to commit to you and no one else!  

Session 6 – We will work on getting to the bottom of why you are stuck in love and turn it around so that you open yourself to experiencing a new love relationship which will bring you so much more LOVE, AFFECTION, SECURITY, TRUST, INTIMACY, PLAYFULNESS AND JOY!  

Session 7 –   We will do deep and transformative work so that you experience a REBIRTH and become a HIGH-VALUE QUEEN that attracts her SOULMATE KING so that you can build together a relationship that is build on the same COMMON VALUES and GOALS, SOLID MUTUAL TRUST and a DEEP UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Session 8 –  I will show you how to get back in contact with this forgotten part of yourself so that you become your BEST FRIEND, and you PUT AN END to CO-DEPENDENCY, ANXIOUS ATTACHMENT, LONELINESS, EMPTINESS, and LACK OF SELF-IDENTITY!

Session 9 –   We will work on transforming your mindset so that you become A MAGNET TO GOOD MEN and so that they feel from a mile away that you are a HIGH-VALUE WOMAN.

Session 10 –   We will work on making peace with the version of you of the PAST so that you can step into your FUTURE as a NEW AND FREE AUTHENTIC YOU THAT COMPLETELY LOVES and ACCEPTS HERSELF in order to attract and keep your TRUE LOVE SOULMATE with whom you can build a HAPPY, LASTING, HEALTHY AND FULFILLING relationship!


Because I want you to get the most value and have ABUNDANCE IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE, I will also throw in these value-packed bonuses! 

BONUS 1 – I will personally review your on-line profile when you are ready to meet your TRUE LOVE SOULMATE and help you to make it worthy of the HIGH VALUE QUEEN you have become! 

BONUS 2 – TWO WEEKS of FREE access to me by text or voice message during the period where you will be going out there to meet your SOULMATE! You will never feel confused anymore and you will have someone to hold your hand during this intimidating process!

BONUS 3 – (make one to counter their objections)

BONUS 4 – When you stay past the 4 weeks with my program, you get 10 voice meditations done by me to bring you abundance at all levels in your life and help you manifest at the next level on the following topics – THIS IS A UNIQUE BONUS THAT YOU CAN’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE FROM ANY LOVE COACH, LOVE MENTOR OR THERAPIST:

1. Transform your limiting beliefs around money in order to bring more money into your life;

2. Transform your beliefs around abundance and open yourself up to receive more abundance in all areas of your life;

3. Go from self-sabotage to taking consistent action towards your dreams and objectives;

4. Put an end to anxiety and find calm and peace within your heart;

5. Fall in love with your life and give yourself the best as the Queen that you are;

6. Get reconnected to your intuition so that you receive the best messages for you that will get you where you want in the fastest and easiest way;

7. Get connected to the younger version of you and listen to the messages she has for you;

8. Get connected to your heart and give yourself the love you need so that you never feel lonely again;

9. Put boundaries and make yourself respected so that everybody treats you like the Queen that you are;

10. Learn how to communicate effortlessly and effectively in your relationship so that you build a strong and lasting couple! 



WARNING: I only take 4 CLIENTS each three months since the program is 3 months long and you will have to wait 3 months OR MORE on my WAITING LIST if the spots are already taken. So if you don’t want to waste any time, get on a free discovery call with me NOW! 

Q&A Section

🎙 Q: How much does it cost? Answer: We can talk about the price during our free discovery call. I need to find out first if we are fit to work together and if my solution fits your exact needs! I have a VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE taking into consideration that I don’t work with groups and you have access to me 100% of the program! You won’t have to share your time with other members nor work with someone else other than me! 

🎙 Q: Are 10 sessions enough? Answer: The work I do is very powerful and transformative, so yes, 10 sessions are enough. Don’t forget that I also offer 2 weeks of text and voice message support while you are out there, trying to find your true love soulmate!  

🎙 Q: There are not many good men out there! Answer: you just need one single good man, the one that is meant for you! 

🎙 Q: I have some extra weight, would I still be able to find love? Answer: Your true love soulmate will love you unconditionally for your true self!

🎙 Q: What if this doesn’t work for me? Answer: If you are not satisfied, there is a 30-day risk free guarantee and you get reimbursed the full paid amount. 

🎙 Q: I already met my soulmate in the past and I don’t think I will ever meet someone with whom I will have the same amaizing connection! Answer: you have probably met a karmic soulmate, because your true love soulmate will be in your life for a lifetime contrary to a karmic soulmate whom shows up in your life for a limited time in order to teach you some self-love lessons! 

🎙 Q: Is there a GUARANTEE? Answer: I guarantee that as long as you show up for the 10 sessions, do the required work and are coachable, you will end up finding your true love soulmate. However, I also offer you a 30 days full reimbursement in case you want out for different reasons, so you can rest assured that THERE IS NO RISK INVOLVED!