Why procrastination is a wonderful thing!

Why procrastinating is a wonderful thing🤯🙀!
Behind procrastination, there are hidden reasons that you don’t see. There is a message behind procrastination that you soul or subconscious mind is trying to communicate to you.

Procrastination is either:

1) telling you that you force yourself to accomplish your goal in a way that doesn’t fit your personality💗. Example: you’re trying to lose weight with an activity that only brings you pain, body aches and no pleasure. Try to find an activity that brings you the same results but all the while, brings you pleasure and fun. You’ll be much more consistent and you’ll look forward to doing that activity, and weight loss will follow. This goes against society that pushes you to do things even if you dread doing them. It pushes you to use your masculine energy of PUSH PUSH PUSH mentality, while neglecting your feminine energy. But your feminine energy wants you to find joy and pleasure while getting you to accomplish your goals🪄💛!

2. telling you that you have subconscious fears that need to come up to the surface. We all want to accomplish things in life but when we have subconscious fears, will will do everything to sabotage ourselves out of accomplishing them! Solution: journal until you get in touch with your fears. Identify them and find solutions to alleviate your fears. Example: I am fearful if I lose weight, I will get too much attention from men👀. Solution to your fear: ask yourself, is it a true fear or is this just my ego trying to protecting me from the belief that I don’t deserve attention or that it’s not safe for me to be seen? Make a new belief: I am worthy of being seen and It is safe for me to be seen. Another example: the fear of not being able to accomplish the task. Solution: ask yourself: what is the 1st task🧩 that I can do today that is the easiest? Do only that small step. Tomorrow or on a different day, do the next little step. This way, you’ll end up finalizing the task even if you broke it in small little steps which is less terrorizing…


3. telling us we don’t have the right focus🎯. We are all over the place. We aren’t organized, we don’t have enough energy because we give it all away to things and people that don’t bring us nothing in return. It’s a sign that we have to centralize our energy and focus! Make a list on your phone📱 in your notes section or on a piece of paper that you can cross off, once accomplished. Put things in your calendar or find the way to organize yourself that speaks to you and that you know you’ll actually consult during your week. Your brain will want to do these things (search of dopamine🧠). Cut the people in your life that take all your energy or put healthy boundaries and put yourself first. If you fear losing them or their affection know that you’ll be winning your self-respect and energy back…which is huge!

To conclude, I want you to know that I was the Queen👑 of sabotage and procrastination. The tools I gave you above are a result of my own realizations that helped me and still help me in my day to day life! If was able to stop procrastinating, you can too!

Procrastination is a wonderful thing because it forces you to look within and see what your subconscious mind wants you to see in order to become a better version of yourself. It also shows you how you sabotage yourself out of success…when you don’t put boundaries and you are all over the place. Lastly, it pushes you to respect your unique self💃 and take into account all of your needs…

Talk soon beautiful soul! 

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