Why you don’t accept yourself fully – I explain it here :

If you have trouble accepting yourself, this can stem from your childhood. If you didn’t feel accepted as you were by your parents or caretakers you will have trouble accepting yourself later in life. You have internalized those negative voices in your head and your small loving inner voice is buried somewhere beneath all this noise: “You aren’t good enough”; “Look how better she is than you!; “You are so dumb”; “You cry too much; “You are too this or too that”; “Don’t do this, don’t be like that”. Being constantly critiqued, diminished, compared, laughed at, humiliated or judged will make you think that you are not ok as you are, that you should be something else, that you have to be like other people that you perceive as being better than you, that you are damaged or weird, that what you are is not acceptable or ok, that you have to hide what makes you unique and original. The downside of that is that you hide what makes you so unique and beautiful and you learn to be a white sheep surrounded by other white sheep instead of being a purple sheep that is proud to be different. You can also be a magnificent peacock, if you ask me! Be what ever your soul wants you to be! 
Later in life, you don’t get to know and discover whom you truly are and accept yourself fully with all your facets whatever they are because you are either ashamed or scared to show them. You have to realize first that you don’t have to be anything than yourself since there never was, there is not and there will never be someone exactly like you. It is your uniqueness that makes you valuable, magical and special! You have to learn to embrace your quirks, perceived defaults and limits as well as your talents, gifts and difference. It’s this potent potion of abilities, gifts, quirks and  personality that make you stand out! that  Learn to observe those negative voices in your head and to replace them with a kind and accepting voice that ignores that poisonous chattering in your head and instead has a loving and encouraging tone. You don’t have to be perfect, neither better than someone else, neither something else that you already are, you have to be your best version and strive to be better each day. You unique point of comparison should be the yesterday version of yourself.
Look at whom you admire and know that you have those same qualities and gifts as them or you can develop them with time. If not, you would not be able to recognize those same characteristics in them. You have to recuperate those facets of yourself that you have learned to hide in order to be accepted, valued, recognized or loved by others. Those facets of yourself are waiting for your permission to show themselves and help you become your best version!
The more you learn to accept yourself as you are and the less importance you will give others about what they think of you. You also have to accept that it’s ok to not be fully accepted by others, it’s ok to not be loved by everyone, it’s ok to stand out and be weird in other people’s eyes! You are the only one that has the responsibility to love and accept yourself fully. You are God’s divine creation (or however you call the creator of the universe) and that makes you special, unique and precious! Never forget that!
Mystical Queen Goddess
Counselling therapist, spiritual guide and creator of the Transformation 360 method.
Because your Inner Queen wants you to experience abundance at all levels!

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