11 ways to become more irresistible to a quality man by loving yourself more

  1. Don’t wait around for a man to bring you happiness, create your own by following your passions and joy. This way you will not spend your time waiting for a man to call you or text you because you will be busy enjoying your own life.
  2.  Have dreams and objectives and take action each day to achieve them. Dream and be creative by being in your feminine energy but also take action towards your dreams in order to create the life that you dream of by using your masculine energy.
  3. Practice self-awareness and when you start thinking in a negative way, stop and choose to feed yourself a positive thought instead of a negative one. If you let negative thoughts run in your mind, you will get depressed after a while. Instead, observe yourself and switch your thoughts as fast as you can and say to yourself: and what if everything would turn around in a positive way? What can I do in order to have a positive result and where can I let go and let God?
  4. Don’t chase a man but let him chase you. Don’t be that woman that is too much in her masculine energy and is doing everything to get a man. Instead, let the man show you he’s interested in you by putting yourself in a receiving mode and by showing him that you value yourself and your time.
  5. Don’t be dependent on a man financially, create your own financial security. You don’t need a man to take care of you, you have everything in yourself to support yourself financially. By doing so, you will increase your self-esteem and feel more secure without needing a crutch to rely on.
  6. When you have difficult emotions to process, instead of putting the fault on others, choose to express your emotions in a healthy way and see your part of responsibility. It’s so much easier when we try to see how we are contributing to a situation instead of putting ourselves in the position of victim and blaming everything on someone else. Instead of being angry and resentful towards a man, we can learn to express our emotions by talking about us in a responsible way. Express how you feel in a calm manner and accept all your emotions, whatever they are. The more you accept all that you feel, the easier will be for you to express them. Writing down your feelings and your thoughts is a very powerful way of making place to more peace and joy and can make you feel more relaxed when you finally choose to express yourself to him.
  7. Practice self-care by taking care of your 5 senses: sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell – decorate your surroundings in a beautiful way; listen to your favorite relaxing music; eat foods that you enjoy, touch textiles that are either very soft or warm when you need comforting, smell something that makes you happy. Especially when your anxious, taking care of all your senses, will calm you down and bring you in the present moment, where there is not danger. Anxiety tends to makes us be scared of what could happen in the future while choosing to be in the present moment, helps us be aware that we are safe here and now.
  8. Listen to your body: when you are tired, take a nap; when you are hungry, nourish yourself; when you have too much energy, dance or move around. Listening to your body can help you even find your own answers. Someone asks you for a favor but you feel it in your body that you want to say no? Someone touches you in an inappropriate way and you don’t feel comfortable? Your body can be a very wise guide to let you know what is ok and what is not ok with you.
  9. Put healthy boundaries with others when you feel invaded in your space. This way you will be respected and people will know that they cannot mess with you. The more you respect yourself, the easiest will be for you to say no to people and make them respect you. You are worthy of respect and no one should make you feel that you have to please them and ignore your own boundaries. Choose to love yourself even when other people reject you because nothing is more important than your own opinion of yourself.
  10. Affirm yourself and say what you think because what you have to say it’s important and valuable. We often have something to say but we just diminish the importance and value of what we have to offer by saying our opinion. The more you express yourself, the more people with take you into account and you will feel that what you have to say has value even if no one thinks the way you do or agrees with you. Allow yourself to be different and unique, have the courage to be a pink sheep between a multitude of white sheep.
  11. Learn to develop an emotional connection before having a physical connection with a man. Don’t give in to sex before you are sure you love this man and this man loves you back. A man will never fall in love with you because you give him his body. A man needs to know and have access to your heart and not your body in order to fall in love with you. Take your time 2 months or more if you can before going further physically with a man and if you feel pressure from him, then run!

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