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Welcome to my home beautiful soul!

If you are a spiritual women wanting more out of life, that knows that you are ready for a big transformation in order to have more abundance at all levels be it love (heal that broken heart and finally attract a loving partner), more money (transforming the relationship you have with money to receive more money), more happiness (even if you grew up in a toxic environment), peace (heal your past trauma), self-confidence (because there is a Queen inside of you waiting to come out), etc, you have come to the right place!

Whom am I? I am a Romanian-Gipsy spiritual woman that after a training in therapy school decided to take transformation in her own hands and create her own transformational powerful tools. Mainstream healers or therapists address only one part of the problem, only the mindset, only the healing of the emotional wounds or only the subconscious behavioral patterns. I address all of these together because to truly have a deep transformation in your life, you have to address all these three pillars: mindset, emotional wounds and behavioral patterns as a whole. 

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